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Auto Insurance and Its Different Types

“Life is a gamble at terrible odds, if it were a bet, you would not take it”
~ Tom Stoppard quotes (British Playwright, b.1937)

And all that are part of life - health, house, automobile, pets, and so on. In this big quest for survival called life, we come to believe that all that we possess will remain with us for posterity. How wrong could we be! All it takes is for a pilot to misjudge the touch-down point on the runway and this life that we are so fond of will burn into ashes.

Philosophy aside, getting more pragmatic, it makes a lot of practical sense to have a Plan-B for our valuable possessions, given that they only seem to be with us for posterity, but not really so. Be it our house, car, business, pets, farmland, and of course life, they all are vulnerable. We should have an answer to the question of “What if”. What if the car I drive meets with an accident?, for instance.

Well, you have an auto insurance or vehicle insurance, an insurance that insures against your own losses as a result of an accident or theft, as well as provides for the losses incurred by others as a result of an accident you caused. So much is the importance to buy an insurance coverage for your vehicle, it is made mandatory in majority of countries.

As the kind of damages an accident can cause can be varied, available auto insurance policies too, are varied. Most common are –

- Liability Auto Insurance: It protects the interests of individuals and properties that are affected as a result of an accident that the policy holder has caused.
- Personal Injury Protection (No Fault Coverage): Provides protection for the policy holder and passengers in the policy holder’s vehicle, who sustained injuries as a result of an accident, no matter what was the cause.
- Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance: It provides for the physical damages sustained by the vehicles during an accident or against theft.
- Uninsured Motorist Auto Insurance: As the name suggests, it takes care of vehicle’s damage and personal injury sustained by the passengers of an insured’s vehicle ,caused by a vehicle which doesn’t hold a Liability Insurance, underinsured or in hit-and-run cases.
- Towing and Rental Auto Insurance: One of the overlooked yet important coverage in times of an accident, provides for the expenses incurred while towing the damaged vehicle and hiring an alternate vehicle. is a free public auto insurance rating engine, which gives instant quotes from up to 70 companies at the same time. One’s personal information is safe since it doesn’t ask for social security or driver's license numbers. One just needs to enter his or her ZIP and the engine instantly gives quotes from multiple carriers. To get the actual quotes, one would be asked to provide Driver Information (Age, marital status, gender, driving history etc), Vehicle Information (Year, make, model and garaging address) and Coverage Desired. Knowing these details, the engine works out quotes from different carriers relevant for the given ZIP. Now, having no access to information is no more an excuse for not holding proper coverage at best costs.



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