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The Law Office of Mark Werner
4809 E Thistle Landing Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Phone: 480-283-0352
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Why Do Men Need Expert Family Law Attorney to Fight for Their Rights?
If you are a man and your marriage is already on the verge of divorce - BEWARE as there are chances that you would lose everything that you own – Income, house, and children! According to the laws and the social system that prevailed, women were given custody of kids due to “Tender Years Doctrine” and “Stay at Home Moms”. Time has changed and women are no more financially dependent on men but in absence of proper guidance, there are chances that men would be treated with a bias due to laws that treat men and women differently in child custody, divorce process, and distribution of marital property.

Though Men have always remained on a weaker side when it comes to divorce proceedings or custody suits, the fact is that men suffer through the same trauma and loss when divorce takes place. This is the reason why Family Law Attorney for Men came in to existence!

Biases faced by men in divorce process
According to the Tender Years Doctrine, mother was considered to be key caregiver for the children under 7 years. This law was based on the common laws of England and adopted as the foundation of many American family laws. Later this English Common Law was amended and mothers were given benefit in child custody case up to the age of sixteen. The laws were amended for the benefit of women in course of time.

Apart from giving the custody of child, these laws also supported woman in getting rights to stay in her marital home and get regular financial help from the husband for upbringing of child. This way man in the divorce suit was treated with a bias and he was forced to lose everything. Later in 1960’s, No-Fault Divorce came into existence but the benefit for women never changed much.
Amid so many biases and laws supporting women, it is important for man to seek professional help and know all laws in his favor to get the maximum benefit or to lose minimum at the end of divorce process. The Family Law Attorney for Men became the trusted solution in this scenario.

What Family Law Attorney for Men can do for you?
Divorce lawyer for men or father’s rights attorneys have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the laws prevailing in United States. They would apply their experience to provide an equal platform to men for representing their case rightfully in the family law court.

The professional lawyer working for men would apply the laws that can stand against the age long bias of women being the better caregivers. You as a man have all rights to fight for property, income, and family just like your spouse and only father’s rights attorney would help you in that.

Azdivorceformen with its 14 years of experience in fighting for men’s rights have succeeded in several cases related to spousal support, child support, divorce, paternity, and custody. They offer their services to men and fathers in Phoenix Arizona area to get them what they rightly deserve by applying their tried and tested strategies and rich experience gathered over years.


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