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Miller Toyota of Culver City
9077 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone: (800) 997-6024
Toyota Prius: Environmentally Responsible

While man created wonderful creations using what Mother Earth has given, he also exploited her. Take fossil fuel for instance. We have been using fossil fuel, or crude oil, as though it is a never ending resource. But the truth is, what has taken billions of years to create can get over in a matter of centuries. It is non-renewable. We are selective in our observations. We make a hue and cry over say cutting down of trees, which though a matter of concern, is still renewable, while turning a blind eye towards the continued exploitation of limited fossil fuel resource. And why turn a blind eye? Because we still haven’t come out with the discovery/invention of as efficient a source of energy as the products of fossil fuel are. And we very conveniently turn this blind eye of ours, not willing to put ourselves in inconvenience by the restrained use of fossil fuel products such as gasoline or natural gases.

And what do we give in return to Nature? Harmful emissions emitted by the burning of fossil fuels in the form of Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Sulphur Dioxide. As per studies, over 90% of harmful greenhouse gas emissions are caused by burning fossil fuels. Do we need say anymore about the perils of this pollution? We are the blatant contributors of these twin evils of natural resource exploitation and pollution and what do we have to say for our succeeding generations?

True, it is much easier to point fingers at than to find solutions. And the solution to this century old problem can’t come overnight. But we can move in the right direction step-by-step. One of the vital steps in this strategic journey lies in the automotive industry, for it is one of biggest contributors of greenhouse gases.

Research are on to find an equally effective alternative source of energy, the best bet so far being electric powered, which still falls short of what is desired. Do we then wait until someone comes up with an efficient source of energy and continue to witness the abuse of Earth?

Toyota didn’t think so and it came up with a hybrid electric vehicle in Toyota Prius. Its was a pragmatic approach to this problem, though not perfect, where the goal was to better utilize the fuel with the aid of electric power. Gasoline, product of fossil fuels, was the primary source of energy, while electricity complimented it. For instance, when the vehicle is in idle mode or descending a slope, the Internal Combustion Engine shuts down and re-starts when needed. The Internal Combustion Engine in these cars generates electricity by spinning an electrical generator, to either recharge their batteries or to directly power electric motors. When you have improved the fuel economy, you have reduced the use of fuels and reduced the harmful emissions thus emitted.

Not surprisingly, Toyota Prius went on to become the best selling hybrid electric vehicle, selling over 2 million units worldwide since its launch in Japan in 1997. Following the success of Prius, many other car makers have followed suit, but Toyotal Prius remains market leader in this segment.

Miller Toyota of Culver City is a Toyota dealer near Los Angeles area, offering both new Toyota vehicles as well as pre-owned cars from different car makers.



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