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Skating is a popular sport, nay, the rage among youth in campuses and schools. Skating can be done on ice, on wheels, or on a board...
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Movement is a part of every living being. Humans being the most advanced specie have invented ingenious methods of movement. Transporting oneself on wheels has been the cornerstone of man’s many achievements. What takes the cake is the invention of moving on skates for recreation. Skating is a popular sport, nay, the rage among youth in campuses and schools. Skating can be done on ice, on wheels, or on a board.

Ice skating is dominant in countries bordering the poles and in countries with snowcapped mountains and icy climes. Early accounts of people using animal bones to skate across frozen lakes and seas exist in countries such as Netherlands and Britain. Varied forms of ice skating include Figure Skating and Ice Skating, widely regarded as the fastest game in the world. Figure Skating involving individuals, doubles, or couples is a very interesting and exhilarating experience to viewers and performers.

Skating on wheels takes two forms depending on the two types of skates, inline and quad, used. William Bown is credited with having patented a design for wheels of roller skates. From Bown’s invention on, skating has taken on the form of a past time. Roads, sidewalks, pavements, fences, you name it and they are all surfaces on which skating is often performed.

Skateboarding is another variant of skating which is the most popular of them all. The variety of tricks performed by skateboarders has elevated the game to an art form. Any number of kids can be seen skateboarding on sidewalks, pavements, and on specially constructed ramps called verts. Grinding, a routine in which the skateboarder ollies onto a rail or pole has become the defining image of this sport. The ever popular X-Games has made such an impact that it is widely viewed in countries all over the world by youth and old alike. So much so that there are many enthusiasts who have taken up skating as professional careers. An awful lot of money has permeated into the sport in the form of tournaments, prize money, sponsorships and endorsements.


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