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Universal Medical ID UK
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United Kingdom
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Art of Wearing Your Medical Information in Style

It is not for nothing that you wear an ID card fixed onto a lanyard while you go to work or to school/college. The ID card often has the all too important personal details on it, including your blood group. While people wear some kind of an identification wherever it is mandatory, they don’t wear it when driving, shopping, or while being off-duty in general. One cannot predict when misfortune strikes. Doctors all over the world agree that in case of an accident or a medical emergency such as a heart attack, the first hour is the ‘golden hour’. Many lives can be saved if timely medical aid is provided during this golden hour. However, when a patient that has been a victim of an accident or a medical emergency is brought to a hospital, precious time is wasted in trying to procure some basic medical information about him/her. Only if the victim had a readily accessible identification of some sort, with personal details on him, his life could have been saved.

When it is a question of life and death, that question deserves some serious thought. Fortunately, someone has put in some serious thought and has come out with an innovative solution to it. Can you imagine a way where a person can carry important personal information on him that he is not likely to leave back at home and that too in style? An easy and effective way to manage this is engraving these details on one’s body jewelry such as a bracelet or a necklace. The personal information engraved on them may pertain to one’s food allergy, prescription medication that one may be taking, blood group (should one require a blood transfusion), emergency contact numbers, and such.

These days, medical professionals are trained to look for a medical bracelet or a necklace that carries vital medical information such as drug and food allergies or other current medical conditions such as Sickle Cell Anemia, Tourette Syndrome, asthma or diabetes.  Wearing a medical ID jewelry provides one’s loved ones with peace of mind. It also eliminates 

Universal Medical ID is one of the UK’s leading providers of custom medical ID jewelry, providing a wide range of quality, customised, medical identification to suit everyday lifestyles. Medical IDs from Universal Medical ID are available in a variety of jewelry styles, including bracelets, necklaces, medical ID charms, pendants and sportbands, made of materials such as gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, and nylon. While being attractive, these jewelry and accessories are also sturdy, available at a reasonable price. High grade metals such as solid high-grade stainless steel, sterling silver, and 10k and 14k gold and titanium are used for engraving surfaces.

Universal Medical ID also custom fits and personalises each medical ID with personal engraving, and that too, at no extra cost. Here, one is sure to find something to suit one’s taste and preferences. Universal Medical ID UK has developed out of the success of American Medical ID, which has been in this business since 1994.



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