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A Cool App to Manage Your Auto Repair Practice

What is it that we cherish the most in life? Time! Time is one thing in the world that you cannot, buy no matter how much money you throw at it. Unless you happen to live in the age of Interstellar and choose to live in a planet where time goes by slowly, obeying Einstein’s Theory of Relativity! For the rest of us mortals, time is here on our own Planet Earth!

Those of us that have our own little practice, our business practice is almost always bound by time. You grow to an extent, time available to you allows you to. We strive to find a work-life balance, with adequate time for each. Once this balance is found, we stop growing. Any growth thereafter means less time for personal life. Should you grow without compromising the quality and quantity of time available to your personal life, you must think out of the box. You must automate and systematize the activities of your practice, that relieves you your active involvement.

Those of us that are in the auto repair business, ranging from a lone ranger mechanic to an auto dealer, there are a range of activities to be looked after, albeit at different scales. Many of us know the benefit of automating these activities only after being introduced to them. One such cool tool that can relieve us of our manual work and provide insights into our practice is ARI.

ARI is a trustworthy Auto Repair software that is used by those in the auto repair service, including mobile mechanics, independent technicians, and even auto dealers. It is one of the lowest priced auto repair tools that provides most of the essential features needed by professionals in the auto repair industry.

Some of its main features are –

  1. Client Management – New to practice, most of us have the tendency to keep everything in our head. But when the practice grows on us, it becomes cumbersome to remember everything and we need a proper system to keep a record of the customers. The client management module gives full control over the customer database, with functionality such as sort, filter, search, vehicle ownership, billing statement, and more.
  2. Vehicle Management – A proper documentation of vehicles that have come and left your garage is crucial to any auto repair practice. ARI software does everything from license plate reading to services history, without charging extra as your business grows.
  3. Inventory Management – ARI has customized inventory management system just for car repair shops that lets you keep track of your stock from the comfort of your mobile device.
  4. Accounting Features – Afterall it is for money that we exist in this practice. You would be surprised to know the number of practices that have no idea of their profitability! Just a vague idea. Through ARI accounting feature you can keep a tab on your revenue and expenses and will never miss a deadline!
  5. Reports and Statistics – Reports give you a bird’s eye view of your practice. You will get a good idea of the goings on in your business. ARI software presents these in beautifully designed graphs.
  6. Job Cards & Work Orders – ARI comes with a neat job card template using which you can assign work to your mechanics, track working times, and allow clients to approve or decline recommended repair services. Customers are kept up-to-date every step of the process through online notifications.
  7. Invoices – Invoice module of ARI can be customized to reflect the branding of your business. Through the invoicing feature you can create and send them on the go, with in-built online payment system.
  8. Estimates – Estimates more or less makes or breaks a deal. It is the first thing a customer sees. With ARI you can give accurate and detailed repair quotes.
  9. Inspections – After a point, car repair becomes quite mundane. One may fall into complacency and not notice some important issue. With ARI one can use an in-built checklist of over 30 items. One can even add one’s own customized items.

As we write this article (February 1st, 2021), the cost of the software is just $19.99 a month, with cost effective yearly and one-time purchase option. That is less than a dollar a day to automate your business! If you are still mulling over trying a software, try ARI!

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