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Communicate Your Brand Through Promotional Giveaways!

It is every marketing team’s challenge to keep their company’s brand name in top of the mind recall of their customers and target market. Though Pepsi brand is over a hundred years old, the brand name comes across to us as young and cheerful. It isn’t that old and jaded name out of public memory. Consciously or without being perceptible, the brand name needs to be communicated to the target market in numerous ways. It takes more resources to get a name back into people’s memory than to keep it there.

The brand name is communicated in numerous ways, few direct and few subtle and indirect. The TV promos and billboards that yell “Buy Me!” is direct, and a famous tennis player wearing a pair of shoes with the maker’s brand printed on it, is quite subtle.

Direct promotion such as television commercials, print ads on newspapers and magazines, billboards, direct mailers, banner ads etc are quite effective if the promotion strategy is properly worked out, target audience is properly identified, market research is carried out to analyze the preferences and needs, media vehicles that carry message to the right audience, avoiding wasted eyeballs, and most of all the right timing. Results come relatively faster and it is easier to analyze the RoI. This is so effective if done right that it is so expensive! One can’t run a successful and comprehensive marketing exercise without direct mode of promotions, but that alone will not make marketing comprehensive or successful. You have to join the other dot, which is the indirect mode of promotion.

Indirect mode of promotion doesn’t shove the promotional message down ones unwilling throat. The message is carried through without one being any wiser to it! On most occasions, the promotion is sought to be carried through while delivering some perceptible or imperceptible benefit to the individual. It has an inherent goodwill among the audience as it does not seek to sell anything. A computer maker may train underprivileged children by providing them free computer education, or a company might volunteer to maintain a public park in exchange for branding that space. Social media is a popular channel for indirect promotion, engaging the audience and disseminating helpful information. Done right, indirect form of advertisement will convert customers into brand evangelists.

Promotional giveaways are a great way to promote a brand in an indirect way. They have that intrinsic utility value, when associated with the brand printed on it, makes for an ultimate medium to carry the brand name. Unlike business cards that may be relegated to wastebaskets or left to rot in ones desk, giveaways are a 24/7 medium, with a feel good factor. Pens, coasters, water bottles, mugs, bags, caps, diary, keychains, USB drives, bracelets, etc make for ideal promotional giveaways.

Art Promos ( has been offering promotional giveaways since 1979 at low rates. They carry a wide range of promotional items that are manufactured in-house, thus enabling them to control costs.

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