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Of Auto Insurance, Non-Owner Insurance and SR-22 Insurance

We depend on many a thing in our daily lives. We come to assume such things, living or physical, will be with us for posterity. But if life is anything, it is rich with the unexpected. Whether it is the house we live in, the car we drive by, the business we run, the pet we are so fond of or the body where our soul lives, are all given to uncertainty. The loss or damage to these possessions that we are so dependent on, physically or emotionally, can spell disaster to us. It is foolhardy to know this for a fact and do nothing about it. The sane would make provision for such an eventuality and this provision is called Insurance. The insurance ensures that the loss of something doesn’t come to us as a blow and we are, if not completely, prepared to meet the consequences.

The second most valuable physical possession, after our house, is a car. And you have an auto insurance that covers you against the risk of losing your automobile or damage to it. Auto insurance, given the large market for automobiles, is one of the most popular streams of insurance and has evolved from being merely a risk trade-off against damage and theft to many more finer aspects associated with it.

An individual pays a premium in return for the risk coverage the insurer is offering. Insurer bears the risk on your behalf and this risk changes from person to person. A person that has a good driving record, better credit score and has attended safe driving courses comes across as a safer bet than a person that has been issued tickets for over speeding or DUI and has already been involved in some form of an accident. Higher the risk a person poses, higher will be the premium. The auto insurance can be bought not only to ensure the coverage of theft or damage to the car, but also to compensate damages to third party during an accident, to compensate other passengers in the car and for medical treatments. A Personal Auto Policy (PAP), a most popular form insurance plan, ensures most of the critical eventualities are considered.

So much about owners of cars, vans or trucks. But, not everyone thinks buying an automobile is a wise decision. They would rather rent a car, given the high cost of ownership, parking issues, and ever-changing automotive technology. There is your friendly neighborhood auto rental agency that is willing to rent you out a car of your wish and also top it up with his own insurance offer. While it may be wise to rent a car, buying the agent’s policy is definitely not, since many insurers offer, what is popularly called as non-owner auto insurance. It is available at about 30-40% discount to that of agents’. If you find yourself frequently driving vehicles that do not belong to you, it is best you spend few hours finding a suitable non-owner auto insurance provider.

Now, what about those that do not enjoy the best of driving record? The state has made it mandatory that such persons who have been charged with serious driving violations such as DUI, OWI, DWI, carry a supplementary bond called SR-22. This is expected of even the non-owners. And the SR-22 insurance is to be maintained a minimum of 36 months. Many insurance companies provide SR-22 and non-owner SR-22 insurance at different prices.

Just as all drivers and circumstances that they drive in are not created equal, not all insurance companies are same. The difference in their offer sometimes can be so huge that it is now considered the best practice to compare the lot of them and select one that gives you all you need at the best price. is a website that provides listings of different auto insurance companies, from which one can get online quotes. Besides helping drivers with online comparison of insurers and quotes, also features a lot of helpful articles in simple language, including SR-22 insurance requirements and quotes as well as non-owner insurance.



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