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The Incredible Power of Promotional Bags

According to some, the oldest form of advertising has been through promotional products. It is estimated that American businesses spend over $30 billion every year giving away merchandise with their brand logos. Considering the brisk business, this is a good indication that investing in promotional merchandise can help in boosting your brand image and brand recall as well as popularizing your company name.

According to experts, the potency of promotional products is credited to centuries-old cultural criteria around the principle of give-and-take. If an individual is given something, in most cases the recipient is honor-bound to reciprocate. Across the globe, in every culture and language, research reveals that there are uncomplimentary words for people who take something and do not give back. As humans, we are programmed to respond positively if we receive a positive stimulus.

Since promotional products have been around for more than 250 years, it has been seen that one of the most effective promotional merchandise is a promotional bag. Over 200 years ago, the first imprinted promotional bag was a gunny sack that had the words "Buy Cantwell Shoes" printed on it. Since then, the production of promotional bags and similar such merchandise has boomed rapidly and the number of options that we see today have become limitless.

The reason why promotional bags are sought-after and so effective is attributed to different factors

Universal display of brand and logo

One of the best things about a promotional bag is that it is constantly at work in disseminating information and brand awareness about your company. A promotional bag is always on the move and in its path it can invite a number of interested individuals to read about the brand and know about the logo imprinted on it. Although a promotional sticker is also useful, the chances of it being worn out and thrown away are much greater than that of any other merchandise. On the other hand, imprinted bags combined with promotional wearable merchandise such as apparel, can display the company's logo wherever the merchandise travels. This can ensure that the brand and company receives unlimited exposure. For example, the first promotional bag in recorded history was handed out free to every child that purchased a pair of school shoes from Cantwell Shoes. Children carried the books in the bag and wore them to school, thus providing inside classroom and throughout town exposure for Cantwell shoes. Today, a number of retail outlets continue to employ this effective advertising procedure to lure in new customers and enhance their brand name.

Wide variety and collection

Promotional bags come in a wide array of types and varieties. As impressive recognition gifts, backpacks and computer bags can be custom printed and used as promotional merchandise that serves very well as appreciation gifts in colleges and offices. If you're looking for high end or exclusive promotional bags, consider custom imprinted travel bags or luggage carriers that are not only useful in making a lasting impression but also serve as classy, corporate gifts. Well-respected business partners and clients will be honored to receive imprinted appreciation gifts that are expensive and exclusive in nature that can serve to their purpose, such as imprinted golf bags. Classic promotional tote bags are also practical and extremely popular that can work for any occasion. Tote bags come in unlimited styles, sizes, colors and shapes. Of late, eco-friendly custom imprinted tote bags are the rage and can be seen in every shopping center and supermarket, as they are available at affordable costs and can be easily carried around.

The attraction and effectiveness of promotional imprinted bags are still relevant even after 250 years of its launch. Look for smart, cost-effective custom imprinted promotional bags with a variety of selections and choices to choose from.

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