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Proof of Ownership is in Asset Tags!

We instinctively guard what belongs to us. All the material possessions that are valuable to us, we make sure we maintain their custody and if need be, prove the ownership. As children we not only labeled our school notebooks, but write our name on the inside page. Then we label our bags, lunch box and so on and so forth. We naturally can’t write our names on things that do not belong to us, nor do we attempt to keep a labeled item, should we find one. Labeling is a declaration of ownership that discourages theft or false claim of ownership.

Cut to the present day. While the underlying feeling of ownership and need for protection hasn’t abated in the least, there is now finesse in how we go about declaring this ownership. We declare it in style and label what belongs to us using what are now called Asset Tags. These labels are called in different ways in different places, such as Property Tags, Property Labels, Asset Labels etc, but they all mean the same.

Should the claim to ownership become permanent, the Asset Tags should be durable and long lasting, at least as long as the product on which it is affixed is expected to last. They are made tamper-proof. Void-indicating labels are tamper-evident, destructible vinyl labels that can’t be scraped off the surface without leaving a mark. If an attempt to remove these tags were made, they break into pieces leaving behind a pattern of text reading “Void” both on the surface and on the removed tag, making it next to impossible to reuse the product. Asset Tags can be accompanied by a bar code or a QR code for easy and quick retrieval of data from a barcode reader.

There are many instances when companies seek to use Asset Tags. They help in tracking the movement of products from one hand to another. Durable products such as computers, laptops, furniture, consumer durables, material handling equipment, and any similar “real” assets, are usually affixed with asset tags. Naturally, products that are consumables cannot asset tagged.

Apart from the apparent benefit of ownership claim, benefits are aplenty –

- It is easier to retrieve items that are asset tagged when stolen or lost. They are valuable proof if the ownership has to be established in a court of law.
- They act as a visual record if a product has been leased or lent.
- Usage of asset tags is encouraged by police departments, as they help them in tracking when stolen or lost.
- It helps in inventory management
- Many insurance companies recommend using asset tags for record keeping. is a provider of durable asset tags throughout the world. It is a subsidiary of Express Identification Products, one of the leading manufacturers of Identification Products, serving customers since 1984. manufactures customized labels and tags by providing sizes, colors, logos, and layouts. Labels from usually find their application in asset tracking, product ID, process control, etc. A simple quote engine on the website helps users know how much they are spending before they place an order. With an easy to use asset tag ordering console, procuring asset tags has never been easier!

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