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Auntie Cleaner
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Keep Your Home or Office Sparkling Clean!

What is the single biggest investment we make in our lifetime? It is our home. Whether we buy a home or take one for rent, over our lifetime the amount of money we spend is the biggest than any other investment. We take care to see our home has the best interiors, elegant flooring, thoughtful home décor and exquisite lawns. Our home is our pride. We take pleasure in showing it off to our friends and relatives. We feel our home shows our standing in the society!

But the realities of life tell us that, “larger the investment, bigger will be its maintenance”. What is important to us, must be guarded and maintained well. It is one thing to live in a good-looking home. It is quite another to make sure it remains that way. What use is your investment, if the look of the house deteriorates over time? By maintaining and cleaning our home regularly, we can extend its lifetime.

In Singapore for instance, 27% of the cohabiting couples argue over “Who should do the cleaning?”, 24% over “How often?”, and 17% over “How to do the cleaning?”. Perhaps cleaning and upkeep of one’s home is the single biggest cause of disharmony between couples. Cleaning is regarded as boring, menial, strenuous, back-breaking, tiresome. A necessary evil. Yet, the pleasure one derives from living in a well-kept home is unparalleled.

Cleaning need not be a cause of friction between couples. If it is so important in life, due thought and consideration must be given to it. Even if cohabiting couples agree to share the responsibilities, they often find it hard to find time or the skills to do a good job of it. Hiring a full-time maid is expensive. It is best left to professionals. There are housekeeping companies that specialize in the upkeep of homes and offices and relieve you from the grind of this important labor.

In Singapore, there are many part time maid companies that provide cleaning solutions to homes and offices. Primarily the services are of two type – 1. Regular monthly. 2. Ad hoc.

Regular Monthly Cleaning
Depending on one’s need (If there are kids at home for instance, cleaning will be needed more often), one can decide the frequency of cleaning. It can be once a week, twice a week or three times a week. The cleaning company assigns professionally trained cleaners to do the cleaning.

Ad hoc cleaning
Occasions such as Move-in or Move-out of a home needs a deep-cleaning. Spring cleaning is a yearly deep cleaning of a house or office.

Environmental Consideration
In Singapore over 184,000 tons of household cleaning products are poured down the drain every year! The cleaning residue are one of the biggest pollutants of the nature. The air inside a home is 200%-500% more polluted than the air outside, mainly because of toxins in cleaning products. A good part-time maid company complies with “Green Cleaning”, by using products that are biodegradable.

Auntie Cleaner Cleaning Company
Auntie Cleaner provides Part-time maid services in Singapore to homes and offices. It is one of the leading cleaning companies in Singapore that hires its workers after thorough background checks and provides adequate training. The company complies with strict Singaporean Manpower Law. Auntie Cleaner subscribes to Green Cleaning to save the earth for our future generations.

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