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Automotive and Commercial Locksmith
6105 Johson Street, Hollywood, FL, 33024
Phone: (954) 347-9566
Selecting The Right Locksmith For Your Commercial Or Residential Needs

If you've ever found yourself in a tricky situation, where you have been locked outside your house or your car, you would have come to realize what a huge bother it can be. The first thing that crosses one's mind, in such a condition, is to think of someone who is resourceful that can help him or her to get out of the situation. In most cases, people find it difficult to locate the nearest friend or family member to obtain a spare set of keys. The last resort is to locate an automotive and commercial locksmith to help one get out of the hassle.

However, before one reaches out to a local locksmith, it is important to consider whether the locksmith is actually offering local services or is professional enough to deliver you out of your 'locked' situation.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advises consumers to look up local locksmith agencies before engaging their services, as in the past some locksmiths have used intimidating tactics to scare customers or have overcharged them in their helpless situation.

For example, a commercial or automotive locksmith may choose a local name, similar to that of a local locksmith, but may actually be very far away from one’s town. This locksmith agency places its advertisement in the phone book or displays local telephone numbers and local addresses on the Internet. When a customer calls the number, he or she gets connected to another city in a call center. In addition, the address listed in the phone book may not necessarily have any locksmith shop. While the customer might be quoted a certain price on the phone, when the locksmith actually arrives, mostly seen in unmarked vehicles, he may demand more money and will accept only cash.

The best way to locate a reputable locksmith and engage his services is to consider researching various locksmiths before actually needing one. This works the same way one would require any electrician, plumber or similar professional services. Researching locksmiths in advance is also helpful if an individual is looking to install some form of security, such as commercial or residential safes, deadbolts or any kind of high end security systems.

But in an unfortunate situation, if an individual is caught up in an emergency, such as being locked out of the car, then there is no time to go through thorough research.

Here are some tips that can help in hiring legitimate, local locksmith services, regardless of whether one is locked outside the car or home, whether new locks need to be installed or any form of commercial or residential security work needs to be put in place.

  • In an emergency situation, if an individual finds himself locked out of the car and has access to a roadside assistance service, it is important to get in touch with them first. Such services usually are included at the time of a car purchase or as an additional service through a car insurance company. Alternately, this roadside assistance service can also be purchased separately. Such services offer assistance in unlocking locked cars, delivering gasoline, changing flat tires, jumpstarting batteries and towing.
  • If there is no access to any kind of roadside assistance, locate a local locksmith in the phone book and confirm that the address belongs to the agency that you are intending to engage. If a locksmith company answers your call with a generic statement such as "Locksmith Company," rather than giving the actual name of the company, you might need to be wary. Request for the legal name of the company and if the individual refuses to do so, it’s time to call another locksmith.

  • Make a list of a several assistant services, telephone contacts and addresses and keep a copy in the vehicle, to be referred to, in the event of an emergency.

These precautions can help in preventing further embroilment, in an already uncomfortable situation.

Automotive and Commercial Locksmith is a premier locksmith company located in Hollywood, Florida. As a family owned and operated business in Hollywood, Florida, Automotive and Commercial Locksmith has been in the business for over seven years and one of the pioneering leaders in the automotive locksmith industry.

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