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Biblica – Transforming Lives Through God’s Word

At a time when morals are traded for money, materialism is given precedence over spirituality, busy lifestyle giving little room for greater causes of life and for God, one need to just pause, look back and answer this simple question “What do I carry with me, when I leave this world?” It is the name and good work that we leave behind that stays and all the rest is temporary. Debate between theists and atheists is frivolous. If the love of God makes people do good things in life, Theists would not perhaps mind losing the debate.

It was in 1809 that New York Bible Society took shape as a non-profit Christian organization in New York, with a commitment to reach the community of New York and the surrounding area with the Hope of God's Word. The organization strived to extend the knowledge of the Holy Scripture. Over the last two hundred years much has changed, including the name itself, but the core ideology of providing Scriptures to those in need has remained.

In 1965, the Christian Reformed Church, National Association of Evangelicals, and a group of international scholars met in order to start a project on the New International Version of the Holy Bible, after it was found that certain texts in the Revised Standard Version did not follow traditional Evangelical translation. The New York Bible Society was selected to do this important job of translation. The aim of this contemporary-English translation was to provide a clear, easy-to-read translation for people who found the archaic language of the King James Version difficult to understand. Committees of linguists and scholars cross-checked the translation work as it progressed.

The New International Version New Testament was released in 1973. It was a story of utmost dedication and sacrifices on the part of the New York Bible Society and its members in completing this work. Since the translation costs were nearly double the initial estimate, New York Bible Society had to sell its New York City building and board members mortgaged their homes to see through the work. Finally with a sponsorship from Zondervan in 1975, in return for commercial rights to sell the New International Version, the translation work was completed. The complete New International Version Bible was published in 1978. Today, the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible has come to be the most read English translation in the world.

In 1983, the New York Bible Society changed its name to the International Bible Society (IBS). In 2007, IBS merged with Send the Light (STL), a Christian resources distribution organization based in the UK, to be called IBS-STL until 2009 and then to Biblica, a more descriptive name. Biblica distributes resources for Scripture-based evangelism and discipleship all over the world, with a network of offices in more than 46 countries. is the corporate web site of Biblica, giving detailed information about Biblica, what it does and why. is the bookstore component of the ministry, where Christian churches, ministries, organizations and individuals can buy Bibles and other Christian books at discount prices.

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