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Blinds 2go
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The Enchanting World of Blinds and Curtains!

A simple room made of four walls and a roof can be transformed into a prison or a hospital ward or a modern office room, just by playing with how the windows are covered! That is the power of window blinds or window shades for you. You do not observe them in particular when you are in a room, yet your subconscious creates an image of the place you are in. They give personality to a room, life to a building and self-esteem to its owner!

While giving aesthetic appeal to a room, blinds serve practical functions too. They provide privacy to those inside, give shade from light outside and some blinds prevent heat from escaping the room. Typical blinds are made of slats. The slats may be made of fabric, plastic, metal or wood. The slats rotate on hinges on either sides to an open position or a close position. In the open position it lets the light in. Some blinds are made of a single piece of material, such as roller blinds.

There are a variety of blinds in market today, each holding its appeal and functional purpose. Wood is always another name for elegance. Wooden blinds, where the slats are made of wood give an elegant appeal to a room. Wooden blinds are particularly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Wood such as Oak, Mahogany, Rosewood, Cherry, etc are used to make the slats.

Roller blinds are perhaps the most basic and earliest form blinds to have been in use. They do not use slats, but comprise of a single piece of material such as fabric. Roller blinds are available in a variety of color combinations, materials and textures, lending themselves perfectly to merge with the interiors and theme of a room.

Roman Blinds are soft fabric blinds that gather into pleats when raised. They are a combination of single fabric and slats. Slats are attached to the fabric, which when raised fold into pleats. Roman Blinds give a different appeal to a room, different from the classic blinds.

Two of the most common forms of blinds are vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. Depending on how the slats are stacked up, blinds are called vertical or horizontal. Horizontal blinds are commonly called Venetian blinds. Vertical blinds use broader slats and are generally applied on large windows and patio doors. Venetian blinds usually use metal or vinyl material for slats.

Energy Saving Blinds are a fusion of style and functionality. While serving the fundamental purpose all blinds are suppose to deliver, they are unique in that they make the ambient temperature in a room more convenient, by keeping the room cool during summers and warm in winter. They are particularly suitable in regions given to extreme weather.

Blackout Blinds are mostly roller blinds with a difference that the blinds have a coating on the rear to prevent light entering from outside, hence blackout blinds.

Blinds 2go is a one of the largest window blinds & curtains stores in the UK, featuring thousands of varieties. They offer affordable blinds and curtains, both designer and bespoke. Now in its 12th year of operations, Blinds 2go has over 300,000 customers to its credit!

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