Month: September 2014


Hair Extension to extend your look

If you are suffering from shortening of hair length, don’t be a sadist; the solution of your problem is hair extension. You must have observed new hairstyles catch up by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus and other fashion divas. They often catch up new hair color and […]


Building An Adoption Portfolio

  Adoption portfolios are a combination of scrapbooks and photo albums; they introduce you or your family to a perspective birth mother. These portfolios should be designed to highlight you and your family’s strengths as a couple and as parents. When looking through an adoption portfolio, it’s highly possible that […]


2014 Tax Changes You Need To Know

  Changes to the federal tax code for 2014 generally seem to have favored tax cuts for all but the wealthiest Americans, while also limiting the amount of allowable deductions for those who are better off. Read on for the main 2014 tax changes you need to know about: Everyone: […]

Security Services

The Importance of Uniforms for Security Officers

There are approximately 1.2 million private security officers in the United States. These security officers work for retail stores, private businesses, warehouse facilities, transportation hubs, public-use areas and much more. While private security officers often have access to pepper-spray, tasers and other non-lethal weapons, they don’t have access to the […]