Month: May 2015

Workflow And Task Management

Workflow &Task Management Solutions

Workflow and task management systems have matured and developed into Low Code or Lean Business Process Management solutions. Pioneering offerings, such as JobTraQ, Appian, AtTask, Wrike and others, have emerged to challenge the traditional BPM providers such as IBM and Oracle, but at the same time deliver much more than […]

Luxury Holiday

Why Book A Luxury Holiday?

If you are looking to book a holiday, it is obvious that you are going to have your own personal preferences and needs to take care of. This is the case for everyone and this is why there are so many different holidays to choose from. The ideal person for […]


Understanding Your Credit Rating

A good credit rating demonstrating a positive financial history, acceptable money management skills, and low risk behavior is essential for anyone wishing to be approved for credit – including for a mortgage, a mobile phone contract, or a personal loan – and yet around 40 percent of the population don’t […]