Month: November 2015

DIY Shopping

From Sewing at Age 8 to Selling Designer Pram Liners!

From Sewing at Age 8 to Selling Designer Pram Liners, Pram Accessories and Nursery Items Australia-wide: One Mumpreneur’s Tips on Monetizing Your Passion Behind the familiar whirl of her trusty Zinger sewing machine, Olga Abbott smiles contentedly as she feeds another piece of fabric under its glistening presser foot. The faint humming is imperceptible from the […]

Hair Care

Hair Vitamins For Better Hair

Have you ever had a bad hair day? Well, a lot of people suffer from a bad hair day everyday throughout their entire lives. Granted it could be derived from thousands of different causes. Some people suffer from really serious conditions that can be very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible […]