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5 Best Used Car Models Under $15,000

So you’re in the market for a used vehicle – great choice! There are lot of excellent reasons to choose pre-owned over new for your next car but let’s call it what it is -most of those reasons revolve around saving you money. Since you’re clearly a savvy car-buyer we’re going to focus on where your money goes the furthest with our 5 best used cars under $15,000.


Let’s take a look at the contenders

  1. 2014 Mazda 3

It’s hard to find anyone with something bad to say about the Mazda 3 line-up since they redesigned them in 2014. The brand’s mantra is “driving matters” and they do not disappoint with this fun-to-drive compact car that also receives high marks for reliability and safety. Stylish, comfortable, and responsive with its powerful yet economical SKYactiv technology – being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to settle when you choose Mazda 3.

  1. 2012-2013 Toyota Prius

Who doesn’t love to be environmentally friendly these days? The Toyota Prius makes it pretty easy with a budget-conscious sedan that looks good and will also save you big money at the gas pumps. The most popular hybrid around not only delivers massive fuel-economy, it also benefits from Toyota’s legendary reliability. Although battery packs replacements can be pricey if needed, other hybrid components have proven durable and in this price range the Toyota Prius is an undeniably good deal.

  1. 2013 Subaru Forester

Finding a quality SUV with all-wheel drive for under $15,000 can be a really difficult task but with the Subaru Forester you might just have some hope. Rugged and reliable, this vehicle is perfect for those who like to get outdoors on the weekend but it’s also versatile enough to be your daily driver. The Forester takes a no-nonsense approach to driving that simply does what it was designed to do – take you where you need to go in comfort.

  1. 2004-2006 Lexus RX 330

I know we’re getting a little old here but the RX 330 is solid performer if you can find one that’s been taken care of. Driven by a silky-smooth 223 HP V6 this Lexus SUV has surprisingly good fuel- economy and it only gets better inside the cabin with the kind of comfort and luxury you’d expect from a premium brand. If you’re looking for a third row this isn’t the SUV for you but those after an affordable luxury vehicle with high-end appearance will find a home in the RX 330.

  1. 2011-2013 Hyundai Sonata

Somewhere along the line the Korean automakers started making good quality cars much to the dismay of everyone else. For a newer sedan under $15k you really can’t go wrong with the modern and stylish Sonata. You might not expect to find features like Bluetooth, steering wheel audio controls, side-curtain airbags, and traction control at this price-point but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you step inside the Sonata.

Author Bio:

Jesse is the owner and car enthusiast at Five Star Motor Group, the top rated used car dealership in Edmonton.


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