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5 Unique Things to Do as a Family


Getting bored happens, especially with children. Break up the monotony that may be going on in your family by planning for the family to do things together. Studies show that the more family time and the more communication, the more likely the kids are to grow up well-adjusted and happy. If you are running low on ideas, here are five unique things that you can do as a family.

Create vision boards
One of the biggest reasons that people are bored is because they do not know what they should be working on. A vision board will help to cure this issue for the short and long term. Gather together a piece of poster board for each family member, and a lot of magazines and glue or tape. Have the family create visions for themselves by cutting out things they want, places they wish to go, and hopes for their future. Once all boards are created, have each person explain what they want and have the family state how they will help each member met their personal goals.

Venture through a museum
Exposure to art and culture is necessary early on. Take the entire family to a museum to see brand new installations or new art galleries. Walk through and allow each person to take about the pieces they enjoy and explain what they like about their favorites.

Go on a family walk
Family walks are a great way to stimulate natural conversation. Walking together and talking together after a meal, in the evenings is a great way to wind down from the day. Walks also give the family time that is uninterrupted by the television, phones, or other distractions inside of the home. Take a walk together to get to know one another better.

Find quizzes and compare answers
Comparing answers to quizzes is something that friends do, and it is something that can be fun for the family. Have everyone take a quiz at http://www.quizanswers.com and share the answers once the quizzes are done. There are many laughs to have and discoveries to make that can be revealed through quizzes.

Go shopping for a major purchase
When it comes to major purchases, the entire family being in on it is the best way to go. Whether the purchase is a treadmill, (based on fitnessabout budget treadmills) list a car, or a house, everyone should be able to view the item, give opinions and come to a consensus as a family. Children being involved in major purchases will make them feel as if their opinion counts and that they can be open with parents. Learning about how major purchases work and are paid for will also help children prepare for financial life as an adult.


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