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6 Most lucrative careers in the finance world

There is more to having a business job than working in a cubicle and wearing pressed Khakis. If you are interested in the finance sector, then you are already on the fast lane to a rewarding and fulfilling career. Money is not going anywhere anytime soon and it is the major commodity of trade for most businesses today. The following are some of the finance careers you should look into.


  • Accounting

If you have been making straight A’s in math then you will do great in accounting. This job usually involves audits, taxes and managing accounts. Almost every small business, large business, institution, corporate entity and other organizations need an accountant. According to labor statistics, there are hundreds of thousands of job openings expected in the accounting field by the year 2022. You can rise through the ranks to higher finance positions that pay extremely well.

  • Financial advisor

Everyone who earns money needs a financial advisor, and there is no shortage of financial advisor jobs out there. You can work as an independent financial advisor or as part of a large financial plan. Either way, there are always confused people looking for guidance on how to invest, pay their taxes, handle insurance and simply make a budget. This occupation ranks high because of the low unemployment numbers for individuals that have trained in this field as well as an above-average work life balance.

  • Loan officer

Loan officers work in financial lending institutions such as banks, credit corporations and credit card companies among others. Borrowing money is confusing and stressful for most people. Loan officers are the professionals who make everything better by crunching the numbers and processing the loans. With the high number of people borrowing money today, openings in this field are also expected to increase over the next couple of years.

  • Business operations manager

The world of business understands only one language and that is money. This is why developing a career in finance can lead you to a position as a business operations manager. You may need to further your skills by getting a masters degree in business, but a financial background is a great baseline for this position.

  • Financial analyst

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their financial standpoint and it is the work of the financial analyst to determine how this can be made possible. Financial analysts study financial trends, markets, business operations and other industries to determine the influence on an entity’s finances. From these analyses, they can come up with recommendations on how to make things more financially efficient. There has been notable growth in openings in this career as well.

  • Debt Management

Debt is one of the worst plagues to hit the modern world, especially with people not understanding how to control their finances to avoid ending up crippled in debt. With so many lenders in the picture, debt relief specialists are also on high demand to help individuals and businesses get their finances back on track. Everyone needs to know more about debt relief and how they can use this service to clean up their debts.


Christen Jones is a business manager and blogger. If you have debt issues, you can visit our site to know more about debt relief.

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