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7 Smart Strategies Implemented By Ecommerce Moguls

The best ecommerce business enterprises work smart, rather than hard. You may argue that thy work a lot but a deeper and closer look into their enterprises will show that they employ smart moves and strategies. By making bold and specific moves, these businesses have been able to grow business fortresses online. The main strategies implemented include:


  1. High quality marketing

Marketing campaigns are built around content.  You will have a string foundation or roadmap when your marketing content is of the highest possible quality. You shouls employ great minds to create and curate the best content that will appeal to your existing customers. Such content will easily pull in new customers.

  1. Market research

Successful businesses carry out in depth research on the market. By knowing all that is happening within their enterprises and in the market, they are able to make the best moves.

The market research involves selling products that re on demand and selling to a specific market. Use of the right or suitable research tool will guide you to sell to the right people at your best marked up prices.

  1. Price listing

The eBay listing tool gives information about the products you wish to sell at you stated selling price against the prevailing market prices and in relation to your products’ purchase price at source. You will be able to obtain all listing information about products in your category. Your listing’s success rates must therefore be calculated for you to know if profits will be made at the stated selling price or not.

  1. Enhanced SEO metrics

SEO is a very important ecommerce tool. For your products to be ranked highly search engine lists or categories you must use keywords and metatags that will help increase your products’ visibility. Images, headings, titles and your content should have keywords or key phrases.

Your ranking will so be enhanced by backlinks and inbound links will also improve your ranking. However, this is only possible if you use genuine links and authoritative links. You should also avoid or cut off spam links or accounts around your product information.

  1. Social media

Do not underestimate the power of social media. The leading ecommerce businesses do not, so, you shouldn’t either. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat will help you communicate your product information to people online.

You can create contests or giveaways to your social media followers to increase you presence and to widen your niche. This will certainly add more people visiting to buy your products or asking for more information on your products.

  1. PPC

Incorporate PPC features in your marketing campaign. Facebook ads and product listing ads are effective for building your customer base. You will have a high conversion rate when using these PPC options. You should also consider involving Google Adwords to improve your online presence.

  1. Email marketing

Emailing is always a great way of reaching out to your potential and existing customers because it portrays professionalism. It is therefore a good communication media for you customers.  You should consider using it if you aren’t using it already.

In conclusion, you can employ these strategies and platforms to reach a wider customer base. After carving out a niche, you can stage market specific campaigns to sell to your consumers. You should also take into account user reviews, affiliate marketing, and forums. Recent research show higher selling rates from men, so you may learn from them.

Author Bio:

David Wicks is a renowned social and digital marketer. He works with eBay and recommends incorporation of the eBay listing tool for better product pricing and higher profit margins.

Image Credit: Mike Mozart

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