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A Purple Sofa Does Wonders For Your Space

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Purple is a magnificent color that is shrouded by mystery and glamour, and when you add a few details in the shape of a sofa, you create a great effect in the interior…

People don’t like adding this color to their living room, but when they do, they realize that their interior never looked better. If you really want to create a strong visual impression, go for a purple sofa. Surely it has to be the most comfortable sleeper sofa you can find in the market but adding the color to it will make things exciting. It will become the central point of your room.

Sofa and other colors

Try to combine purple with grey. This pallet of colors is great for the living room. You can color your walls gray and add a few soft touches of natural wood, just to add warmth to the interior.

You can also put a cool, big sofa with a grey wall behind it. A big floor lamp is a great option in such an interior. You can also do something interesting with the floor, have random stripes and barely noticeable brown tones.

Purple can be combined with warm, and cold colors. Depending on the tone of your sofa, you can go both ways. If you want to accent warm touches in your ambiance, think about adding a few red or orange details in your room.

Having purple Roman blockout blinds may be a wild idea, but it may do wonders for your space. Try out and see if it fits you.

For all your interior needs

Purple is often used as a color to accent something in the room. You can use it with a modern interior, but it can also look nice in a traditional environment. The combination of two purple sofas can be the main decor in a classic living room, that has a fireplace, a rich chandelier and a carpet. You can go for a purple sofa if you want to create an aristocratic decor. If you have a fireplace and art work, a purple sofa is the right choice for your home. A dark purple color can be well used in a home theater or in the living room. The velvety texture that characterizes this interior looks comfy, and a painting on the wall is a great choice.

The dark shade of purple can characterize only one element in the room, like a sofa in this case. It can be a detail that is in total contrast with, let’s say, beige walls, grey details and strong lighting.

Glamorous and royal purple is a color that can be used when creating a casual decor. It is possible if you go for an eclectic design that includes different accented color and designs.

Purple sofas can be made softer with a bunch of decorative pillows. You can mix flower details and neutral colors without too much contrast.

A very effective combination is the one of purple with wooden details. Such a contrast is very beautiful and is a great way to create balance in the room. It is ideal to have the rest of the decor neutral. A light blue floor lamp is definitely a detail that can bring a lot of energy into your space.

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