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Advantages of acquiring certifications in career development

Most of the job seekers lose their drive to learn new things once they get an assured job. It is one of the most common mistakes committed by the professionals! It is quite natural to feel secured when you have a good job profile, substantial salary and better growth prospects, but sometimes such job securities result into disaster. The continuous talent inflow, changing technologies and increasing competition are capable of making any set of skills and knowledge obsolete if not upgraded in time. Various software giants have therefore come up with training programs to update the knowledge of professionals and also train the new entrants professionally to make them capable of taking up any job efficiently.


The IT Certifications are important for both – students and working professionals, here are the reasons, why?

Benefits of acquiring certification even while having an assured job

  1. Moving upwards internally in the organization is as difficult as entering a new organization. Sometimes while chasing a position internally, you may have to compete with your own juniors who may have upgraded their skillset. Getting trained and certified would matter during such internal job hunt. Acquiring appropriate certification would help you beat the competition.
  1. Even at the time of appraisal, the efforts you put in order to upgrade your knowledge and expertise would always count. Most of the companies sponsor such initiatives taken by the employees.
  1. Makes you a part of the like-minded community. Enhanced networking opportunities would give you job security and confidence. You will no more dwell in the fear of losing your job because of incompetency. Another advantage of boosted confidence is that you will grow in your career more than other contenders.
  1. By increasing your knowledge pool and skillset from time to time, you ensure that you always stand ahead of others. These certifications not just train you on knowledge front, but it also shows you the roadmap to success.
  1. Training in new IT technologies will offer you tools to take up all types of challenges effectively. Again certification is not offered just by completing few theory sessions or attending couple of practical sessions. It is the detailed study of the technology that calls for lot of hard work and dedication. When you get something after so much of hard work, it would be fun to use it. Apply the acquired knowledge in your projects and see how you enjoy working with new tools.
  1. Even if you are not the one who would use it, knowing the technology would make you a good mentor. You will be able to help your team perform their best. The knowledge of technologies would also support your hiring decisions as you would be able to evaluate what skills go with the project and also judge the expertise of the candidate.

Certifications in various IT technologies have always been popular amongst the new entrants, but they are equally important for those who have been settled in their careers as change is inevitable!

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