Best Cities for Road Trips This Time Of Year

There is nothing as liberating as a road trip. Being in control of the itinerary, making your stops along the way, all the while experiencing the thrill of the road can give you a trip to remember. There are so many great things about being on a road trip that it’s better to experience it, then list them down here.

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If you need some instant inspiration to hit the road, here are a few cities you can enjoy:

1. North Coast 500 – Scotland:
If you are looking for a dreamy trip, then North Coast 500 must be on the top of your list. Having mesmerizing coastal views, aesthetic castles, and whiskey distilleries along the entire North Coast 500, it is a paradise for the travel enthusiasts. It is Scotland’s own Route 66. The 500 miles long road starts from Inverness and covers Scotland’s northern coast.

Duration: 5 to 14 days
Must visit: Loch Ness, Dornoch Castle, Distilleries, Smoo Caves

2. Amalfi Coast – Italy:
One cannot think of road tripping in Europe and not mention the Amalfi Coast. The drive from Sorrento to Ravello can make you fall in love with the country within seconds. You might even be able to relate the scenic sea cliffs from many Hollywood movies. The towns on the coast are so pleasing that it seems to be taken out straight from a fairytale.

Duration: 2 to 7 days
Must visit: Amalfi Town, Capri, Hiking, Waterfalls, and Beaches


3. Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland:
For the travelers at heart, Wild Atlantic Way is always on the bucket list. It is one of the best and longest coastal routes in the entire world. The 2500 km of this incredible route can give you the views you will remember for a lifetime. It offers mesmerizing views of the spectacular beaches, gigantic sea cliffs, with a hint of local culture. Make sure you carry sufficient luggage for such a long journey. If you need something to keep your luggage safe, get a sturdy aluminum roof rack which would be a long term investment for your road trips.

Duration: 14 to 28 days
Must visit: Aran Islands, Mizen Head, Cliffs of Moher, and Skellig Michael

4. Great Ocean Road – Australia:
Australia serves as the perfect destination for road trips, and Great Ocean Road is the most sought after route. It is a 600 km long scenic route that takes you through beaches, jungles, and even sea cliffs. If you are into surfing, you can find many beaches here. The best way to enjoy the exemplary views of the coast is by taking a hike along the coast.

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Duration: 1 to 3 days
Must visit: Otway National Park, Bells Beach, and Twelve Apostles

5. Route 66 – Arizona:
Route 66 is as American as it can get. It takes you from Chicago to California, on a journey of 2,780 km. People are forgetting many parts of the route, and some are even abandoned now with the new highways coming up. Although, there are parts of it around Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, and Illinois, which can give you scenic views. The landscape will keep changing as you pass towns, giving you a wholesome experience.

Duration: 1 day for parts of it, 14 to 21 days for the entire route
Must visit: Road along New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, and Arizona


6. National Parks Route – San Francisco to LA:
To get the true, authentic American experience, you must hit the National Parks Route. The route takes you from San Francisco to LA, but not taking the straight road makes it fun. It covers four different states and has some of the best National Parks and cities along the way. This route has the perfect blend of both the wilderness and the skyscrapers.

Duration: 14 Days
Must visit: Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and Zion National Park

7. Pacific Coast Highway – California:
While California is all about the fast life, the Pacific Coast Highway can take you away from it. The highway starts from Monterrey and taken you through Highway 1 to Los Angeles. You can make stops at Carmel or Monterey, and enjoy the coastal views, and even kayaking in the marine reserve. The serene ambiance, mesmerizing views, and legendary stops are what makes it a top choice for celebs as well.

Duration: 2 to 4 days
Must visit: Surfing in Carmel, Marine Reserve, and Ventana


8. Cairo to Cape Town – East Africa:
Road trips are all about going into unexplored territory, and there is nothing better than this one to taste the wild. This route of 12,000 km takes you through the fascinating parts of the earth. Taking Husqvarna motorcycles on this route will give you exemplary views of the desert landscape. Husqvarna motorcycles can be your best companion for this road trip. This epic drive takes you through 9 countries, giving them first-hand experience of Islamic culture and beauty.

Duration: 3 to 4 months
Must visit: the Blue Nile, Pyramids of Egypt, Nubian Desert of Sudan, Cape Town, Chobe National Park, Safaris, Victoria Falls.

There is no right or wrong with a trip; it’s always an experience that evolves you. Let the adrenaline run high and step into these unknown routes to quench your thirst for thrills on the road.

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