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Blogger Outreach program


What is a blogger outreach?

A blogger outreach program is a program where you, your company or your agency works with a specific group of bloggers to promote your company, services or products. The group of bloggers will then use your products and services and write a review on their blog in exchange for a payment. As a business you will want to have very passionate and loyal bloggers who value the opinion of the person writing the blog.

Why should you do a blogger outreach program?

A blogger outreach program is a great way to get traffic to your site: Blogs are trustworthy and people will believe more of bloggers than of the business promoting their own product, Blogging increases traffic to your site because the blogger is promoting your business. Potential customers or consumers will look at blogs for a objective opinion of a product and won’t suspect that the blogger is being paid to say anything what he is saying. The readers trust the blogger. Ads aren’t doing as well lately because of things like ad block and people tend to ignore ads a lot more than they used to. The biggest advantage of having a blogger outreach program is perhaps because not only you are getting a lot of site visits, but you also have a lot of very different people writing and giving you fresh content.

How to do blogger outreach?

You should be prepared: find sites that will for sure promote your product, if you are someone selling technology you shouldn’t go to a blogger that talks about fishing. That’s why you should really know the site you’re outreaching to. Then you know for sure if they post similar content consistently and if they have ever promoted any other product before on their site. If they have any experience promoting a product they will more likely promote your product in a positive way and give you more customers. The most important thing is however the audience of the blog. The audience should be large enough to make it possible for you to get the same or more money out of what you put in.

To start a blogger outreach you should be social, open and accessible. You should build a relationship with your blogger to make sure that both of you understand what is expected of you. You could also potentially use your social media to connect with new bloggers.

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