Can anyone immigrate to Canada?

Canada is a melting pot of immigrant from countries around the world.  Because of its fairly liberal immigration laws and the many benefits of living in a country that has as much to offer as does Canada, this country is an attractive option for many people seeking to start a better life.  But just how liberal are Canadian immigration laws?  Can anyone immigrate to this country?  The answer is both yes and no.  There are some criteria that make a personal much more – or less – likely to be a candidate for immigration to Canada.

Personal records

When you apply to immigrate to Canada, you will be required to present a criminal background check.  Note that having a criminal record doesn’t automatically exclude you from being eligible to immigrate.  Although certain classes of people will be deemed inadmissible based on a criminal background check, it is possible that if you are able to get a certificate of rehabilitation (which indicates that five years have elapsed since your conviction and you have not committed another crime since that time) your criminal record may not count against your immigration goals.


Desirable skills

If you want to immigrate to Canada, you should prove that you have some desirable skills that would make you employable once you are established.  If you have no specific skills and/or have not worked in your particular field for more than 2 years, you may be denied entry into Canada.  If, however, you have skills that are needed in Canada (if you are a doctor, for example) you may have a better chance of immigrating successfully.

Familial connections

Another way to bolster your chances of successfully being admitted to Canada is if you have immediate family members who are already legally living in Canada.  In this case, your family member would file to bring you over, as opposed to you filing for admission.  Note that they must be immediate family and they must hold either a work authorization or permanent residence status.

Refugee status

The Canadian government wants to do everything it can to protect citizens of the world from the ravages of war.  If you are a resident of a country that is being torn apart by war and you fear for your safety, you can apply for refugee status and immigration to Canada.  To do this, you may be asked to provide proof that your life would be in danger if you were to return home to your native country.

Similarly, if you can proof that you would be subject to religious or political persecution if you return home, you may be able to apply to immigrate to Canada as a refugee.

With the help of Canadian immigration lawyers Toronto or elsewhere, you can immigrate to Canada under these criteria.  The immigration process can be daunting, so it’s a good idea to have a good immigration lawyer on your side.  They can help you to determine your eligibility requirements, fill out the necessary paperwork, and advocate for your case in the immigration proceedings.

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