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Convert website traffic to leads with these commanding techniques

Marketing is always about what your consumer needs and wants to hear. It isn’t immediately interesting or relevant, and then it is just annoying. Unlike some experienced digital marketing companies, many marketers ignore the key trends that can revolutionize digital marketing! For instance, lean thinking has become a vital approach. However, many marketing trend spotters are scoffing at it. 2017 has started already! if you are a marketer and crave to expand your strategies then wipe up your white board, grab a marker and don’t disregard the following trends of digital marketing.


Instagram Ads:

Hold on! Have you ever bought something from social media? Yes, nowadays the customers prefer to shop online and browse the product on various platforms. Customers can simultaneously dig through your Instagram page and website. Thus, the in-store and social shopping must be well-coordinated with each other as the advent of Instagram can boost your social commerce.

Bet you must have seen the ‘Shop Now’ tag on Instagram This CTA allows the brands to promote their products through videos or images. On click, the user will be directed to the landing page or the official website.

Live video:

Are you aware of the term “Go live”? This feature has been launched by Facebook in the year of 2016 and continues to take off in 2017. However, it is no more limited to Facebook. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter (via periscope) have also jumped into live video offerings. Due to their in-the-moment content, these videos are going viral as soon as it’s posted! It helps the businesses and brand to develop a connection with the followers.

Live video is not only felt to be captivating but also authentic as it appears extempore. Digital marketing company in India can use live video streaming IN ORDER to extract the engagement of audience.

Creativity is the Reign:

As more and more brands started using content marketing for boosting their authority and building their loyal audience, it is going to be harder than ever to stand out and excel. If you want to succeed, you will need to invest in a web presence which matches the quality of the content. This explains the importance of integrating high-quality images into your blog posts, throughout your social media, and on the website.

So, if you haven’t done it already, it would be well worth to do it now. No matter if you have off site or in-house design team that you regularly work with, take some quality time to brainstorm about how you can magnify your content marketing strategies with a great design as well as compelling graphics.

Content Marketing:

The relationship between sales and marketing is also flourishing this year! Content is considered to be the most predominant part of any online marketing campaign. The visual, video or email marketing are counted in content.

The audience will fall head over heels for an attractive content, again and again. So, the prime concern here should be interactive, unique and of high-caliber content as the brand reputation, brand awareness, as well as its activation, depends upon the content. In addition, as the importance of high-quality content is rising swiftly, the demand for niche-based writers with the subject expertise is also spiraling.

Expiring Social Content:

This is fun! Have you ever set any ugly picture for at least 1 second on Snapchat? Bet everyone does that! The content that disappears in just a second and no one will be able to view your entire picture. This is a revolutionary feature and is introduced by Snapchat.

However, recently, Instagram also launched stories and had become as a competitor to Snapchat. So, it’s pretty sure that the time-bound content is becoming an effective way to advertise the brand. Mind trying one?

Mobile Friendly is no more an option:

The need for a responsive and mobile first web experience is long gone! But businesses are finally taking note, post Google’s Mobile Geddon announcement in April 2016. As mobile traffic surpassed PCs, this is no more a surprise. Well, have you ever noticed how many people are tied to their tablets and smartphones?

The marketers ought to pay attention to how and where their audience is receiving content and ensure that they write crystal clear content that will help the mobile users carry out conversations as well as complete transactions on the device of their choice.

Since Google appreciates the content that executes well on mobile, it is more important than ever to adopt a mobile attitude. This year is going to be a big year all around. As users are becoming increasingly connected and engaged with the content they consume, it is vital for SEO and PPC management company India to factor these upcoming trends into the bigger picture to be prepared to take on the future challenges.

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  1. Thanks for a great article. Think it’s also worth mentioning that local SEO goes very much hand in hand with the point you make about mobile friendliness no longer being an option. With an ever greater number of searches being undertaken on mobile devices or through voice assistants being found in local listings is becoming ever more vital.

  2. Thanks for sharing these amazing techniques to convert traffic into leads. I accept all your points but as per my experience, webinar could be a good option. You have given it a new name i.e. “Live Video”. Will there be any discussion (Question Answers) as per your point “Live Video”. Webinar is a trending terms these days in digital marketing field. Instagram direct messaging could be a good option to attract your followers towards your services & products.

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting Article

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