Gifting- A popular human behavior

Gifting is a common behavior and it has been practiced for ages in human society.Kingdoms, empires and government have always exchanged diplomatic gifts. And history is also filled with instances of famous acts of gifting.Gifts are the language of emotions; they aremeans to convey our love and affection.

Gifting is a basic and common behaviorof all human beings. It is a fun filled activity and it also provides us the opportunity to help others that are in need. The act of gifting may be considered an evolutionary trait. In the early days of humans,men who gave generously would be popular with their clansmenand they also have better chances of attracting a mate.Even in Chimpanzees, the closest relatives of human beings, there is the behavior of presenting small gifts of food to females.For ages, people have celebrated life events like births, deaths and weddings with gifts. This tradition is inherent in many cultures of the entire world.For thousands of years, Native Americans have practiced potlatch, an act of extreme gifting. They marked lifeand inter-tribal events with this practice. And the family who gave away the most lavish gifts was considered to be the most prestigious.


Kingdoms, empires and government have always exchanged diplomatic gifts as signs of peace and goodwill. The bible also mentions that the queen of Sheba presented Solomon with gifts of gold and silver. People also exchanged gifts at festival time and there’s also a long and interesting history of the rich and famous using gifts to express their love in a big way.King Nebuchadnezzar II supposedly presented the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon were supposedly a gift to his homesick wife, Amytis. Count Gregory Orlov of Russia gave Catherine the Great a 198-carat diamond to win her back and the Tsar Alexander II the commissioned the  first Faberge egg as an Easter gift for Empress Marie Fedorovna.

Today we have gift-giving occasions in Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.But gifting does not always call for specific occasions; they may alsobe given any day and anytime of the year as a surprise or as a reminder of your love and affection. Gifts convey our thoughts and feelings; they are the language of emotions.The exchange of gifts strengthens affection and renews societal bonds. Giftingis a doubly joyful affair, an enthralling experience for both givers and recipients alike. It is a process in which the act of giving is as gratifying as receiving. We feel satisfaction and pride when we present our loved one with gifts, and the sensation we get when we see someone open our gifts with delight is simply irreplaceable. And we all have experienced the joy of receiving gifts from our friends and family.

Gifts are just means to convey our love and emotions, and the price and quality of the gifts is not really important but the thought behind them is what really matters.And when it comes to that special man in your life, the best gifts for him would be something that suits his taste and personality. Present him with a surprise gift out of the blue and watch the delight on his face. Gifts will add more sparks to your romance and even if you are in a long distance relationship, you can still send online gifts for him.

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