How To Choose The Right PDF Software

The Portable Document Format or PDF has bought the heart and trust of millions of people all over the world due to its versatility, printability and portability. PDF supports high levels of data encryption as well as various interactive features, making it easier for many business people, educators and students to create, distribute and edit documents, e-books and other files.

In order to be able to open, edit and create this type of files, users need to have a PDF compatible software. The cost of such software can range from $0 to hundreds of dollars depending upon the complexity of tasks they’re able to perform. How to choose the right PDF editing software without sacrificing quality for affordability? The choice should be based on your needs, budget and some other factors.

Freeware. Is It Good Enough?

A great way to save on software is to use either completely free apps or to download free, basic versions of popular paid programs. Many of these programs are surprisingly feature-rich and reliable, and can perform most of the tasks their expensive counterparts were developed for. Therefore, if you’re an occasional PDF user, and your occupation isn’t connected with creating and editing PDF files, freeware can be just what you need.

Take PDFBurger for instance. This dead-simple web-based program allows you to convert PDF files to Word docs and images, as well as to combine files created in different formats into a single PDF. No registration required. No downloads and installation.

Paid Software. Is It Worth It?

In case you’re a business owner, freeware is clearly not the best option. In order to keep all your PDFs well organized and secure, you need to invest into a robust office productivity suite. As a rule, most suites come with PDF editing software. In case you need something that goes beyond the standard set of features, you may want to try a specialized PDF editing application, like NitroPDF for example.

This program is the Swiss army knife of PDF-related programs. It is literally loaded with various features allowing anyone to create, edit and share PDF files like a pro. Specifically, it allows to:

  • combine different files into a single PDF using Visual File Combination;
  • turn scanned paper docs and images into editable files (thanks to the Optical Character Recognition technology or OCR);
  • change fonts, customize layouts;
  • convert PDFs into Word, Excel and even PowerPoint files;
  • sign and certify documents in order to keep your confidential information private (all passwords and certificates are being protected by 256-bit AES encryption);
  • track edits and invite multiple collaborators using cloud connectivity capabilities of the program.

NitroPDF offers a free 14-day trial in the hope that you’ll upgrade to their paid version one day.

When using freeware, make sure the end files do not contain any watermarks or links that can hurt your business image. While some free PDF editing apps monetize themselves via ads placed on the homepage, others place links and copyrights into the ready files.

You will find more information about PDF editing software in this Wikipedia article.

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