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How to make your home more energy efficient

As a home owner, you would want your home appliances to be able to save as much energy as possible. You may notice sometimes, that your consumption can be quite high, and you realize that you are spending a lot of money on electricity bills. Starting to make your home energy efficient can make a huge difference in your expenditure on power bills. It will also result in you saving resources that could be wasted like oil and coal, that would cause a major depletion in the amount of these resources in the environment. It will also prevent you from polluting the environment; no toxic gases will be released from the atmosphere. Another thing is, ensuring that your home is very energy efficient, will consequently have you receiving a good rating on your EPC. This is very important because most potential tenants who may want to rent your house or even buy it, would want to see the rating you got on that document. Here are some tips how to make your home energy efficient:


  1. Use solar energy.

By harnessing solar power you will be able to reduce your power bills very effectively. Acquiring solar panels and as well as solar trackers you will be able to save a lot of money as well as save some natural resources you could have used. This equipment also comes with gas and electric boost, to make sure you will still have electricity during cloudy days.

  1. Acquire insulation.

For a convenient way to keep your house warm all year long, you should invest in adequate insulation. It will help you from using alot of energy from the A.C. Having adequate insulation will help you stay warm in winter and cold in summer in a way that is very energy efficient.

  1. Get the latest hot water system.

If your hot water system is old, it can definitely be consuming more power than it should. Purchasing the updated hot water system will ensure that you will come across systems that are proven to be energy saving. Your hot water system definitely uses more energy than all of your other appliances, and it is very crucial, that you make sure you have reduced its energy consumption as much as you can, through modifications of features or even updating the whole system.

  1. Change to fluorescent bulbs.

The bulbs you use could consume a lot of energy, especially if you have the habit of leaving them on when you don’t need them. Although fluorescent bulbs could be slightly more expensive than the normal incandescent bulbs, in the long run the fluorescent bulbs will save you a substantial amount of money because the energy saving bulbs actually last at least eight times longer than the incandescent ones.

  1. Consider your windows.

You can install vinyl frames that do not allow heat transfer as easily as aluminum frames. This will prevent you from having the experience, that your windows allow too much heat to get in during the summer, and you feel too cold in the winter.


Marks Jock is an expert on energy saving tips, and has been consulted to design several housing projects, to make sure the town houses are energy effective. He also works with local authorities in evaluating properties and awarding ranks on the EPC.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tips on how to make a home energy efficient. Great tips to follow! Keep it up!

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