Roman holiday: TOP 10 kiddy places for young explorers

TOP 10 kiddy places for young explorers

Rome is not a usual place, but strange and contrastive. Containing different historical periods, Rome holds great potential and mysterious secrets.
Coming to Rome, you, obviously, want to see as much as possible. Many tourists prefer travelling with their children. And they also don’t want to stay bored for lack of occupations. Special for kids you can make their own fancy kiddy program, interesting for both, parents and their children in equal shares. Children’s program should be created in keeping with their age and interests.

Gelateria del teatro
The first place you should visit is interesting cafe Gelateria del teatro. The word ice-cream sounds like gelato in Italian – the most popular dessert in Rome and the whole Italy. In Gelateria del teatro you can be sure in a high service – chef, a friendly and kind gentleman, serves you table personally. The portions for children are far more impressive than for adults.

Roman holiday

Explora museum
The other most popular place for children, locals and tourists, in Rome is Explora museum. This place was created according to the idea of Francesco Tonucci, who wanted to make a special place for children, where they could learn and explore something new, and trying different activities. In Explora children can play, learn and develop their skills in what they like. Shop assistant or fire man – it doesn’t really matter. The main thing is make it interesting.
For children under three years there is a special exploring zone, fully corresponding to their age and interests. For kids from three to five there are also many informative sessions, devoted to various nature events.

Musei Vaticani
This is a museum of different interests. Nevertheless, you should visit it with your kids, even little. You know, children always like mummies, animals’ sculptures in Sala degli Animali. You can also order a special family tour for 5EUR – it is better to book it beforehand to avoid big crowds. In Castel Sant’ Angelo, which is situated near here you can observe a big collection of steal weapon, interesting for young soldiers and knights.

There is a zoo in Rome. It is a part of big territory of famous Villa Borghese – a park zone, where you can easily rent a bicycle and ride a pony. More than 900 animals peacefully live in Bioparco, including such exotic samples as Black lemur and Gila monster. There are many special events from April till June here, especially for children. You can meet the program at the zoo website.

TOP 10 kiddy places for young explorers

By the way, travelling Italy you should know that there is an interesting rule: you can use bus or tube for free just in case your growth is not higher than 99 centimeters. People, travelling by car, have a lot of advantages. Renting car from the very beginning of your journey – right from the airport, is not a problem in Rome if you are elder then 21 years old.

Teatro dei Burratini San Carlino 
Children like theatres. So, young theatre lovers will make an estimate of puppet show in Teatro dei Burratini San Carlino on weekend. As for young cinema lovers, they should visit the smallest cinema in the world Cinema Dei Piccoli. Enjoy it!

Time Elevator
Children in Rome can make a time travel in the popular interactive cinema Time Elevator. This place looks like a cinema and meets people with 3000-years history of Rome in 5D format. There is also a show for children in the cinema, which usually takes place every day every next hour. The price is about 7-12 EUR.

Try to be active and meet archeology! St.Callixtus Catacombe, Colloseum, Foro Romano are worth visiting exciting places. There is Gladiators school in Colloseum. It means that you and your kids can try on the heavy gladiators’ armor and put your strength against the enemy in the arena. There is a lot of positive emotions and nothing more! The more participants are, the more interesting the battle is.

Active Italians cannot stand without the active entertaining. That is why there are two big water parks in Rome – Hydromania and Aquapiper. The both water complexes are opened from May till September.Hydromania Water Park is situated over a large area, more than 90 000 sq. m. It is one of the most interesting in whole Italy: exciting water hills, a lot of pools suited to every fancy, the Black hole attraction, water racing and many other interesting water attractions.
TOP 10 kiddy places for young explorers For little kids and their parents there is a more impressive, but careful water hill, called Golden Lagoon – three bright pools with mountains, waterfalls and other attractions. There is also a mini-club inHydromania, where you canmeet babysitters, teachers, and animators to organize the interesting and informative lessons for different ages. What is your son or daughter prefer? They will like water aerobics, treasuries hunting, and other activities.

Bocca della Verita 
There are two historical places, where parents traditionally like bring their children. They are Bocca della Verita and Trevi FountainBocca della Verita is really worth noticing. It looks like a big stony mouth, with a hole in the center of it. You should put a hand in the hole to make a test if you are true and brave person. According to the legend, the stone “eats” those people, who are twicers, pretenders and charlatans. Parents can successfully use a monument in the capacity of educational factor.

The park is situated in the territory of about 34 hectares. Zoomarine is an amazing place, where sea animals neighbor on water adventures and attractions. This is a fun for kids and their parents, a place to meet exotic sea animals and tropical birds. What is more, there is a bar and restaurant on the park territory.

Roman holiday: TOP 10 kiddy places for young explorers

You know, I am a follower of travelling with children. It is interesting, as they observe and reflect everything impressionable. The kids’ point of view and their interests are not weighted down with adults’ opinion. It is useful to get touristic brochures in the Rome touristic offices and agencies. There is a full list of kiddy places and events there. Don’t miss anything interesting! In addition to these, the main kiddy places in Rome are situated far from each other. Try to plan your touristic route and way of transporting beforehand.

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