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Seven Reasons why you Will Land Your Dream Job when Pursuing Hospitality Courses in London

The unemployment rate is alarming! The economic development constraints can be blamed for this where the cost of business is high resulting to few placements and more layoffs. On the other hand, this may be attributed to the curriculums that exist in schools. You do not wish to be part of the statistics.

Graduating from London schools of hospitality and business gives you a better chance of employment after graduating because of the following reasons:

  1. Compulsory internships

Many institutions do not put emphasis on internships. During internships, students get firsthand experience in all areas of the hospitality industry including business management and customer relationship management. Such experience when added to your resume and with recommendations from these places, you will be at a position to get a job fast even before your graduation.


  1. Visit to Companies in the Industry

When pursuing a degree in hospitality administration London, you will be at a position to visit some of the top companies and hotels in the hospitality industry. This gives you a better bearing on what you wish to pursue further and where you would like to work. This way, you can send your applications to them or even get the chance to volunteer in such places.

  1. Fully services facilities

There is been a huge debate about colleges producing half-baked graduates. This is a result of theoretical lectures without any hands-on experience. Most London hospitality institutions have fully services kitchens that will give you the opportunity to apply all your learnt knowledge instantly. This will give you competitive advantage over other interviewees when looking for work.

  1. Cultural Diversity

People skills are important in the work place and will be gauged at an interview. There is a wide cultural interaction in London colleges with individuals from all over the world. Learning to live and learn with different personalities will make it easy for you to work in different countries and you will have better relationships with people. It also widens your scope and you learn about different personalities and habits as well as cultural practices. You will also learn foreign languages and this will improve your chances of working in other countries or continents.


  1. Global accreditation

All courses that you take from globally accredited universities colleges are deemed marketable. Career prospects are opened up and in most cases companies visit the schools and recruit candidates before or immediately after they graduate.

  1. London’s exponentially growing hospitality sector

As a hub for finance, students in London hospitality schools get exposure to the dynamic hospitality industry and the chances of landing jobs is higher. They get the chance to learn all dynamics of the hospitality industry from the best.

  1. Free counselling services

Students need counselling and mentoring from professionals. When this is offered, students are at better positions of making decisions that result in career success.

In conclusion, with a flourishing hospitality industry, pursuing a course on business and hotel administration in London is borne to bear fruit. There are many opportunities and you can even take a part time job in some of these companies. This increases your chances of getting employed faster than your counterparts in other parts of the world.

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Lindsey Hayes is a Hotelier with a degree in hospitality administration London – Her love for food and people led her to setting up the biggest multicultural hotel. She attributes her success to the intensive courses in college and early exposure to the industry. Check out her website for more information.

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