5 Essential Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling

Each travel brings with it new experiences and unconventional stories to share, making it rewarding. Whether it is a business trip, weekend gateway, or a vacation, traveling revives your mind, body, and soul. But, incredible journeys do have some disadvantages as well. Although the most common being, you have to come back home. However, this is not the only snag. Traveling can take a toll on your health. Alteration in schedules, untimely meals, and change in sleep routines can eventually disrupt your body’s functioning, leading to serious health issues. Moreover, the general peril of novel Coronavirus has made traveling the most difficult activity to pursue at present.


However, if that doesn’t deter you from traveling, here are five essential tips for staying healthy and safe whenever you set your foot out.

1. Hydration Is Necessary: The one essential element your body is robbed of during travel is hydration. Low humidity in flights, air-conditioned vehicles, tends to dehydrate the body. Furthermore, dehydration can cause problems ranging from dry skin, scratchy eyes, breathing problems, headaches, and even fatigue. You can avoid these problems by drinking fluids throughout the journey. It is advisable to take at least 8 ounces of water every hour to combat dehydration. Also, you can drink other fluids like juices and herbal teas for a tastier option.

But remember, all fluids do not necessarily help to re-hydrate. Despise taking any alcoholic drink during travel, as being diuretic alcohol can remove fluid from your body. And, in case enough water is not consumed, alcohol can lead to severe dehydration. Sipping water and other healthy fluids throughout your journey, therefore, helps to maintain the hydration level and various body functions to promote better health.

2. Plan Your Meals: Whether you are traveling for business or vacation over-indulgence in food can bring a lot of health problems like bloating, acid reflux, and weight gain. There are a few common meal mistakes, such as eating oversized portions, consuming too much alcohol, and having processed foods.

You can win 90% of your health battle when you plan your meals. A good and fresh meal can be safe and satisfy your hunger while keeping the calorie level down. You can substitute your regular diet by choosing healthier options like salads, fruits, and healthy snacks. You can also cut down on alcohol consumption and replace it with non-alcoholic drinks to feel lighter, energetic, and fit.


While traveling in your vehicle, you can pack adequate food supplies for the journey. As the viral infection is on the rise, consuming homemade food is safe and healthy. You can pack all essential food items in the desired quantities without the apprehensions of violating rules, such as flying. Also, unlike other means of transportations where storage can be a hideous task, you can always use roof rack Adalaide to arrange your luggage expertly. This gives you enough storage space inside your vehicle for important stuff like medical and food supplies.

3. Clean Your Hands Properly: You are more prone to infections while traveling. While touching a surface like doorknobs, seats, and even at the time of shaking hands, you encounter various germs and chemicals that pose health risks. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), washing hands at regular intervals is necessary to prevent the spread of diseases during traveling. Cleaning your hands properly, can lessen the germs and cut the risk of infection.

An MIT study also shows that cleaning your hands at a regular interval in the airports is necessary during a coronavirus outbreak. You can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers or cleansing wipes for instant use to wash your hands and make your journey safer.

4. Stay Active Throughout Travel: Whether you’re traveling by a flight, train, or automobile, sitting for hours can stiffen your joints and restrict the normal blood flow in the body. Staying active can improve your muscle strengths, boost your heart and lungs, and enhance your tolerance level.

Try to take short breaks during your travel to walk and stretch. Use stairs instead of elevators and avoid transportation for a shorter distance. Make it a priority to do a workout or yoga in your hotel room. Have a short exercise schedule every day or follow an app-based simple fitness regime to relax your muscle and refresh your mood.

5. Have Enough Sleep: Sleeping is vital yet challenging while traveling. Carrying luggage, long waits, and sometimes crossing time zones can make your body tired. Good sleep is thus mandatory to relax your body. Rest can be difficult due to various reasons such as building air pressure on ears in airplanes, physical discomfort, and having a lot of screen time.

Passengers sleeping

Thus, you should invest in some comfortable clothes, calm music, and accessories like eye masks for a restful sleep. Keep in mind that night of better sleep can energize your body, relax your senses, and build up your immunity.

If you or a loved one is traveling with conditions that can impact your breathing, consider packing a portable oxygen concentrator.

Conclusion: Traveling and staying healthy are mutually inclusive. It is always possible to follow a healthy lifestyle regime and enjoy the change in schedule, simultaneously. Also, in the present situation of the pandemic, travel can be difficult but not exclusive. You can always follow the above travel tips for a healthier and safer traveling. By keeping extra precautions, you can enjoy your travel spree to the fullest without compromising on your health. After all, traveling is a time to unwind, rejuvenate, and treat yourself to make remarkable memories for years to come.

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