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Online education

Four Types Of Online Classes Students Can Take

Students can opt for different online classes and courses based on their academic requirements or objectives from online diploma, to certifications and complete degree programs. Online education Since the growth of the internet and its increasing penetration within the education sector, the dynamics and the mechanisms for advanced education have […]


Career With Instructional Design Courses

To grow and sustain one’s position in today’s increasingly competitive world, every individual needs to make the best use of his capabilities and emerge successfully in the educational and/or professional sphere he wishes to be a part of. However, the concepts and skills you learn during usual degree programs are […]

Teaching Language

A Fundamental shift in language teaching approach

Too many teaching practitioners continue to deliver their language classes adopting a teacher-centered approach. Teachers speak ‘at’ their learning audience, but fail to elicit real communicative response as their lessons are dominated by drills and repetition, as opposed to interaction and communication in the target language. The general principal is […]