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Coin a Mantra To Live By

Life is a long journey with several forks along the road, each requiring a choice to be made. The direction to follow will depend on what course has been charted and perseverance of intent. Guidelines and priorities can be many, of which these five would probably find a prominent place. […]

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Relationship Red Flags

It’s of critical importance to look out and be aware of the relationship flags that you may encounter along the way. They are signs that something is very wrong and that you are not right for each other. Otherwise, you won’t have a very good time. It may damage your […]


Building An Adoption Portfolio

  Adoption portfolios are a combination of scrapbooks and photo albums; they introduce you or your family to a perspective birth mother. These portfolios should be designed to highlight you and your family’s strengths as a couple and as parents. When looking through an adoption portfolio, it’s highly possible that […]