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Internship in England

Why Interning Abroad is a Wise Decision?

An internship is a platform where our higher education comes in contact with the real world. Education makes us aware of how the world works on what principles. However, this education remains incomplete if it is not implemented in the correct way. Professional experience morphs bookish knowledge into practicality. Its […]

Workflow And Task Management

Workflow &Task Management Solutions

Workflow and task management systems have matured and developed into Low Code or Lean Business Process Management solutions. Pioneering offerings, such as JobTraQ, Appian, AtTask, Wrike and others, have emerged to challenge the traditional BPM providers such as IBM and Oracle, but at the same time deliver much more than […]

Satellite Phones

Satellite Phones: All you Need to Know

Satellite phone have been around for many years now, these phones are indispensable during emergencies & in remote areas where normal cellular phones do not functional properly. Natural calamities or any form of regional crisis can disrupt terrestrial communication network at point in time—crippling the communication important links like police, […]