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The Basics of Personal Injury Claims You Need to Know Before Taking Up a Construction Job

Amidst a lot of hue and cry, the new training requirement for construction workers has come into action. As per The Real Deal: New York Real Estate News, City Hall is proposing that all workers need between 54 to 71 hours of training. That is in response to the increasing incidents of construction mishaps in the city and the surrounding areas. However, this new requirement is attracting a lot of raised eyebrows from the administrative levels, real estate developers as well as the workers.


In line with the new rule

If the new rules become the norm, a number of construction workers will need to spend endless hours training for their jobs. It automatically means less progress in terms of project development for the real estate moguls and less income for the workers, who will have to spend a significant part of their days meeting the new training requirements. Right now, the only hope is the City Council. While many are questioning the new requirement as overly stringent and unnecessary, it is for the City Council to make the final call.

Lawyers can help you turn your luck around

Working construction sites may be rewarding and exciting, but it is also dangerous. Each year thousands of people die in the USA trying to work regular construction jobs. While sometimes, it is due to lack of training, during other times, it is just bad luck. When it comes to construction sites, where discarded scaffolding, open electrical lines, and construction debris are everywhere, there are too many factors that can contribute to potential construction accidents. While many try to reason the occurrence of a mishap due to the absence of engineers and safety programs, the truth is, if you were involved in a construction accident, you deserve some compensation.

Different kinds of claims for injured workers

When a worker incurs injuries on the job, they cannot sue the construction company or their employer for work-related injuries. However, a third party can be liable for workplace accidents. If the worker is injured due to their carelessness, they can claim compensation through the Workers Compensation Act. Weekly payments, medical reimbursement and everything else become a part of the settlement.

There are certain accidents, which are a third-party’s fault. It can include the owner, the architect, equipment manufacturer and contractors. Usually, insufficient safety measures cause these accidents on job site. Typically, contractors and sub-contractors should provide safety provisions to the workers that ensure a reasonably safe work site. If you have been a victim of a construction site accident, you should immediately check if your general contractor or subcontractor:

  • Warned you of possible dangers and hazards on the job site
  • Hired employees who exercised caution during work
  • Checked if all safety precautions were followed and everyone had protective gear.

If faulty construction equipment caused your accident, you should hire an attorney to get the maximum compensation possible. Safety equipment and construction equipment manufacturers are obligated to produce standardized and safe products. Defective products are a threat to worker safety, and they can be sued when one of their products causes the accident.

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