TOP 8 Natural Interests in Phuket: Just Coming!

Phuket is a big island. There are many interesting places and entertainments there. The natural interests are impressive: beautiful bays, mountains, water hills, wild jungles. The island is also full of historical sights: churches, museums, monuments. The island is attractive place for tourists and locals: everyone can find all that you can fish for. There is only one nuisance in Phuket: they are too many to inspect all of them in one go. Let’s start from the natural interests.


Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

This natural wild life park is situated in the North of the island. Actually, this is one of few places, where you can meet wild jungles. The park is a home for bears, monkeys, wild boars, deer and other animals and more than 100 kinds of exotic birds. The biggest water hill in Phuket – Bang Pae Waterfall is impressive and very loud. The park is the best place for hiking: the dozens of touristic routes go through the park territory to and fro. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use guide service or group excursions to be safe. Wild territory, you know.

Do you want to come closer and meet animals? You may do this in Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre or Elephants Park, for example. They are available to visit anytime.

Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo deserves your special attention, like no other natural interest in Thailand. Actually, this wild area is a private territory. So, the ticket price is high. You can face to face many animals and reptiles: 5000 crocodiles, 60 kinds of birds, and more than 100 kinds of butterflies. There is also a big aquarium in the Zoo territory. It is time to get some fun!

Visiting Zoo you can not only meet exotic and rare animals, but take part in special shows: monkey show, crocodile show, elephant show. The monkeys ride bicycle, draw pictures, play basketball; the elephants can dance, play football, and draw. Take you chance to ride elephant! Thai crocodile show needs much patience and common sense: animal handlers put their heads into the crocodile jaws.


Phuket Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden was first opened in 2011. This is the next interesting place to meet exotic animals and plants. The Garden territory includes Orchid Park, 20 thematic gardens, fruit trees, Fish Lake, palm wood, Cactus Garden. What a unique chance: you can buy different kind of plants to grow it at home. There is a cafe and souvenir shop. The park is beautiful and well-conditioned. You should spend more than two hours to enjoy nature.

Phuket Bird Park

This is another one private territory, containing more than 1000 exotic birds from all over the country. There are also more than 100 kinds of birds from Africa, Asia, America. You can not only watch birds, but feed them at additional charge, or watch show. The birds are not alone in feeding them. Pay attention to crocodiles! This is the right place to visit with kids.


Phuket Bird Paradise

This park is situated on the mountain top, just on your way to Big Buddha. This is another interesting place to watch bird shows. Never miss your chance to participate in the show, meeting parrots. This is a perfect and safe place to spend weekend with kids. Moreover, the shows are held every next hour during the day. Want more? Welcome to little sheep farm.

Phuket Orchid Farm

If you like orchids and other exotic flowers, you should visit this park. Meet more than 1500 sorts of orchids! You can also learn the orchid’s growth technology, buy special thematic literature and young plants. Nevertheless, if you do not like flowers, you should not go there for fun – the price if too high to waste money. The point is that it is not a park and flower exhibition for tourists, but functional farm.


Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Tiger Kingdom Phuket is exciting show! This is zoo of tigers. They live here in their entirety and good condition. You can face tigers of all sizes, touch them, feed and take pictures. The most of tourists and visitors leave this place with positive emotions. The animals are kept in big cages. To enter on or another cage you should pay. The prices are different; the most expensive ticket is for baby tigers. The animals are sleepy and calm during the day as far as they are night killers.

There is a restaurant in the park. Do you want to have professional photo with tigers? The park offers to buy special service: professional photographer for 500 baht. Of course, this park is a good place for children. The kids before 15 can enter the cage just having a special permit. One more thing, it is always crowded here. You should wait long to buy tickets. It is better to come to the park in the early morning.


Promthep View Point

This is the best-visiting view point in Phuket! The exiting view to the sea cost and admiring beaches is waiting for you. It is always crowded here, including locals. Evening is the most popular time for visiting – there is nothing more beautiful than Thai sunset. The buses of tourists are coming here.

The view point is modern equipped with fast food cafes, restaurants. The nature is rich and fresh, especially in the evening. You are lucky if you could get there in time, just before sunset to farewell daylight. You should remember that sunset in Thailand starts in 6-7 p.m., taking no more than 5-10 minutes. It is fast but beautiful! Visiting Promthep is a part of many excursion routs.

Whichever you choose, you have to get there by car. Rental car services in Phuket are the most popular way of travelling. The public transport is badly-developed to use it. It takes too much time to get from one place to another all over the island. Frankly speaking, if you could not hire a car for any reason, it is much cheaper to visit all interesting city sights within an excursion group. The information about the available excursions and rental car services you can get on the web, or in the nearest touristic agency or city service.

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