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Top Interesting Ideas for Descriptive Essays


Descriptive Essay Topics: The Most Interesting Ideas

Obviously, a descriptive essay requires describing a person, a place, an object, a process, an experience, etc. It includes describing how something looks, feels, sounds, tastes, and smells. Such essays are assigned to develop the ability to express the feelings and emotions in such a way that the reader would feel the same.

How to Write a Great Descriptive Essay

Actually, there are two ways in which you can describe something – objective and subjective. The latter is easier, so if your professor didn’t give you any guidelines on this issue, be subjective. Thus, you will be able to share your own experiences, thoughts, and senses. The range of possible topics here is much wider. Yet, if you were asked to write an objective description, you should be more careful with the topic. There are some things you can’t be objective about. Instead, you should be neutral and simply state facts.

A recipe of success in essay writing is a correctly chosen topic, which is why you should treat the stage of selecting a topic very seriously. In a descriptive essay, you can describe different things. You surely want to avoid the subjects that are too simple and plain, like describing autumn. Have a look at a list of suggested topics to use by categories:


1) Write about a person who has had the biggest influence on your life and outlook.

2) Describe your closest friend. How did your friendship begin?


1) Provide a description of a cemetery in the twilight.

2) What was the most romantic place you and your boyfriend/girlfriend visited on a date and what were the details that made the atmosphere romantic?


1) Describe the best breath-taking scenery you have ever seen.

2) Tell about the view that you see every day out of your room’s window (a busy street, a backyard, somebody’s balcony, etc.).


1) Write about your first party.

2) Describe what you feel when you get lost in a strange place and what you do in such a situation.


1) Tell about your preparation for the exams.

2) How to end a relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

After you have made a decision about what you will tell about in your essay, keep in mind that you need to include as many details as possible, calling to 5 senses of the reader. Writing about the appearance of an object is rather easy, but you should present an image to the reader from different perspectives. Therefore, all details are important. Create a vivid picture.

Words are your powerful instrument in this type of essay – choose the tone and vocabulary properly. It’s great if you use idioms, metaphors, similes, but avoid using clichés. Don’t write that something happened out of the blue or that someone is pale as a ghost. Be more original.

Another important tip is to define which details matter and which don’t. The irrelevant details make your paper overstuffed and meaningless, so be attentive when picking the components of the description. Don’t tell the reader what the color of the door you walked through is if it doesn’t really matter for feeling the atmosphere or perceiving the information correctly.

Now, with these simple tips in mind, you will manage to select the best topic and write the best essay on it.

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