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What to Know Before You Launch an SEO Campaign

Building a significant web presence for your business takes a lot of work, from setting up a good web site and social media accounts, to developing good content and keeping everything maintained. At our Miami web Design Company we built a lot of great websites, but you’ll need more to make your business successful online.

Once your site is set up it’s time to get to work on getting it in front of people, and that means launching an SEO campaign.

To do that effectively, though, there are a few things you’ll need to get sorted out.


Learn How to Pick Good Keywords

A keyword is the word or phrase that someone types into a search engine to look for something. You’ll need to pick just a few of those to target with your SEO campaign. A great keyword is one that a lot of people look for, but one that not a lot of other bigger competitors are trying to rank for.

A lot of great tools exist to make this process easier, but a basic way to check a keyword is to simply type it into a search engine and see what comes up. If the results don’t seem very relevant, or just don’t lead to important-looking sites, it might be a good choice. To see if a keyword is being used by searcher, you’ll need to use a tool like SEMRush or Moz Keyword Planner that allows you to check the keyword’s monthly search volume.

Know What “Good” and “Bad” SEO Are

At the end of the day, all SEO is designed to move a search result up in a search engine. However, not all of the methods that are used to do this are accepted as good tactics in the industry.


Good and Bad SEO are sorted fairly pragmatically, designated by which ones actually add value to your site and make you more relevant, versus those that rely on spam, link-stuffing, and other under-handed methods.

Understand How Long It’ll Take & Budget Accordingly

Building a strong and enduring presence on a search engine takes years. While you’ll see some results within weeks of starting your campaign, SEO is primarily a long-term marketing tool. As your site builds more and more content, and is connected to more and more sites through links and social media chatter, it’ll gather momentum and staying power.

This is because search engines are specifically designed to deliver the most relevant and useful results possible to searchers. You can push to get a few keywords ranked quite quickly, but to give an entire site a lot of punch on the web requires it to actually become the most useful and relevant result possible, which takes an large amount of time and effort.

Know How SEO works with the Rest of your Marketing Strategy

The key to a successful SEO campaign understands that it’s only part of a larger marketing campaign for your business. Building a well-coded website with quality content that provides real value to your site visitors is an important part of good SEO just as much as building links is. Conversely link building often entails building relationships with related businesses and bloggers that can offer other marketing opportunities as well.

Integrating your SEO campaign with all the other facets of your marketing strategy can help you get a lot more out of all of your efforts than you would if you were stuck running each separately. This can take a lot of effort, which is why it’s often a good idea to call a professional.

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Eiko Saladen is a digital strategist and lead content writer at NetroStar, a premier Miami web design company that offers complete online presence management for businesses of all sizes. Check out NetroStar’s blog to see more of his work.


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