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Why You Need A Professional Platform For Your Photographic Wonders?

Being a photographer, you may always want to put up your work on the public forum for display and sale, but safety and accessibility would be your main concern. You can now do it conveniently by creating your own professional photography website where the pictures can be shared, displayed, and sold without compromising on security.

This is the best way to host your photography portfolio and at the same time it can be used to share your photographs on social media or with selected set of people. Going online is very much important for the professional photographer as it helps him search new clients and at the same time offer the platform for direct digital selling. Some of the benefits of photography website that every photographer may consider are –

1. Digital selling with complete control
You can sell the pictures digitally by charging per download. Photography website would let you protect the images against fraudulent downloads. You can also save lot of time by uploading the low resolution image, which can later be converted to high resolution image on receipt of valid order for the same. You can relax once you have created your photography portfolio online on the trusted platform as it gives you complete control without involving elaborate administrative work.

2. Sharing with restricted access
Sharing your pictures would become really easy in the protected format. You can share the link on social media, blog, or through email in the protected mode. Reach out to selected few by creating a contact list for invitations. You can send the invitation to the website or to particular album with different tools. If this is not all then you can also use this tool to check the popularity of the pictures by going through the comments and likes posted on each picture by the visitors. Exporting the images to social media is also very easy and can be done in just few easy steps.

3. Secured storage
If not for sharing and selling, you can also use it for securely storing the images. All the images would be stored at multiple locations without being public. Secure backup would mean that you never lose you important work. Keep your albums password protected and private until you want to make them public.

4. Branding and marketing
As per today’s trend, online marketing and branding play a major role. A professionally designed website with attractive theme would make your work look professional. You can build a strong brand by creating the best looking website with professional outlook. Your website speaks a lot about your work and builds a lasting impression. It can also work as the perfect marketing tool that can be linked to the social media for better reach.

Photography is an art that needs proper platform to reach out to more people. You can create the one with well-designed photography website.

Bluemelon is the online solution provider for perfect photography portfolio. The company specializes in offering fully equipped portfolio solutions with easy uploading, selling, and storage tools. They have wide range of themes that work for branding of the images by creating an attractive portfolio.

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