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Don’t Buy It Until You Have Made Sure There Isn’t A Coupon For It!

When we see in a newspaper or a magazine a perforated border with the picture of a pair of scissors, consciously or unconsciously, our attention is diverted towards it. For it says here is something you can save money on. The need to save money when buying something is innate. While we may end up buying something we may well have left alone, we still come back satisfied that we saved some money today, thereby we earned the money we have managed to save by taking that extra step of submitting a coupon.

Coca-Cola Company, the most heralded marketers in the history of mankind, not surprisingly is credited with conceiving the idea of coupons as far back as late 19th century! In fact what once was a dull tonic has transformed into the most popular soft drink of today, thanks to coupons. Coca-Cola Company distributed coupons via mails and magazines for people to try its product. In just over a year, the Coca-Cola was served in every state of the United States and by 1915 one in nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola!

Today the coupons have come to stay as a critical marketing tool to gauge price sensitivity of the target market, clear inventory, introduce a new product, maximize sales in festive seasons and for very many other applications. Using the intrinsic need of people to save and get a “deal”, coupons have caught marketers fancy and proved a win-win for both sponsoring companies and consumers.

There are a variety of coupons, depending on the marketing need of the sponsoring company, either a manufacturer or a retail store. It can be pure and simple discount, typical sales promotion strategy, free shipping, free trial, new customer offers to increase market share, festival offers, new product launch offers etc.

Coupons have some security measures in place to avoid forgery, such as a hologram, barcodes, unique codes or watermarks. And they come with an expiry date. Typically these coupons are delivered through newspapers, magazines, mailers, coupon booklets, on the packaging etc. In this digital era, internet and cell phones have become popular vehicles of distribution of these coupons.

On the internet there are websites that specialize in displaying coupons, categorized into different product categories. This mode is convenient to consumers since it is not left to chance to lay hands on a coupon that interests you, but you can browse through products you are planning to buy and select a coupon that best suits you. On the internet, coupons are typically called coupon codes or promo codes or discount codes.

BluePromoCode is one of the world’s leading coupon distribution websites. It features over a hundred thousand coupon codes in a variety of categories, with hundreds of new coupons added each day. Besides exclusive promo codes, BluePromoCode also features printable coupons that can be redeemed at respective stores and flash sales at top retailers across the world. Apart from promotional coupons, one can take inside guides on how to save money while shopping.

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