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Brit Music Tours
152-160 City Road , London
Phone: 0800 1777 980
e-mail: info[at]
Rock & Pop Music Tours of the UK

Say you are 60. How many days have you lived on this planet? Did you say 21,915 days? Well, how many of those days do you remember? May be the day of your wedding, the day when your little bundle of joy was born, the day your team won your school football match, perhaps also the day you met with a nasty accident? Altogether say 100-150 days? What happened to the rest of your life? So, isn’t then your real age is just 100-150 days? Rest of our life were not memorable enough and we only aged as the days passed by.

Our real life span is counted by the number of days we can remember. Have fond memories of. We can add days to our life by turning mundane days into memorable ones.

There is no greater joy than indulging in things we are fond of, outside our regular, mundane work life. We are fortunate to be born in this age of consumerism. Aided by the modern technology, which our forefathers did not have access to. Companies are tripping over each other to please us, the customers.

Everyone is busy meeting someone’s need, a need sometimes we, the customer, are not aware of! The new age of marketing has segmented and further segmented the market to discover a potential need to make a customer happy. In the travel sector, it has given rise to Theme Travel. There are themes built around every conceivable idea, cycling tour, adventure travel, food trail, wildlife, you name it.

Music location travel is a super-special travel theme, perfected by a very few companies. Designing and executing such a travel theme needs passion for the music. It is not for the travel behemoths such as the  Expedias and the Thomas Cooks of the world.

UK is a powerhouse of great music! UK has a long legacy of music genres and legendary musicians. It is home to music legends such as Sir Elton John, the Beetles, George Michael, Queen, David Bowie, and many more.

Brit Music Tours is a themed travel concept, conceived by 4 friends. The company brings together the best of British music from the origins of music genres and its heritage to the most famous figures and bands in the UK music history. They cater to music lovers by allowing them to immerse themselves in the music they love. It is an opportunity for the lovers of British music to experience their music heroes, to step into their footsteps, understand their lives and story.

Brit Music Tours takes music fans to the locations associated with British music legends across the UK, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, etc. Each batch is escorted by local guides that are experts in their field of music. Tours are flexible and arranged in a variety of modes, such as walking tours, small group tours, coach tours and private tours.

In the current times of the deadly pandemic, no amount of caution is enough. Brit Music Tours is officially "Good to Go" accredited and COVID-19 safe.

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