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Buy That
International House
38 Thistle Street Edinburgh, EH2 1EN
Phone: 0800 0016 987
Buy That Furniture Designed By You And Made For You!

What is a home? Is it that structure made of brick and mortar built on a foundation that you call your home? Or is it that space, where you feel most comfortable living, being at peace with yourself and your loved ones? Is there a vibe that is in harmony with you and your feelings, or you feel living in a cold solid structure made of concrete and steel?

A building is just a building without what goes inside it. Things that furnish it and bring out a character and personality to it. Without these all the buildings are alike. When you enter a building and you feel the warmth and vibe, you know it has a character. There isn’t one thing that sticks out, but together they are in harmony and bring out a living space. Then you know that the space is well furnished!

Each of us are different and unique. We have unique personality, taste and trait. It is our home, the single biggest investment we make in our life, that advertises our taste and lets it known to people who matter in our life. We are proud of what we have made out from a structure of concrete and steel. It matters to us how we want our social circle to know us. We take a lot of pleasure and pride, when our friends appreciate us for how we have furnished our house.

When furnishing a house is so important as well expensive, shouldn’t we be that much more diligent in how we choose the furniture and accessories? There isn’t a second chance. Once done, it is a sunk cost. We have to live with them, whether you like it or not.

The shop we source our needs from, is the most critical stake holder in this aspect. Often the cost runs into tens of thousands. We must be sure to get the products at the right quality for the right price. We also need to be sure of after sales service. What is the guarantee the seller gives? Can we customize our furniture? Are there enough options to choose from? Do the products available match our taste? Are they environmentally friendly?

Buy That is a furniture for home shop in the UK. It is big enough to stock products that can fulfil all your needs and small enough to give you that personal attention. Buy That is a family run business in the UK that puts customers first. With a “Service First” motto, they are proud to claim that they are never beaten on price!

The product assortment is comprehensive. There are beds, bed frames and mattresses for the bedroom. TV units, display cabinets, coffee and side tables for the living room. Dining tables and chairs for the dining room. Benches, shoe cabinets and storage for the hallway. Sofas in various configuration for where you fancy keeping them. Then there is furniture for kids’ room. There is a wide selection of lighting to decorate your home.

What makes Buy That unique is “Beds By You”. It is your space to demand “Chosen By You, Made For You”! Simply put, you will select your preferred size, style and color customized to your requirement. All their beds are handmade in the UK, environmentally friendly, ethically sourced and beautifully handcrafted!

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