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Different fabrics to try for your custom car seat cover

Customizing the things to suit your choice and need is sheer luxury. Whether it is your apparel, fragrance, or the car seat cover, customization makes the difference. While customizing is trending in all aspects of life, customization of car seat cover is gaining substantial popularity.

Customization of car seat cover is trending these days due to various reasons –

  • Climatic Conditions – Fabric that suits the local climate would be the best choice for those looking out for customization.

  • Unique Design – Customization brings in uniqueness of design. You can ask for print, plain, stripes, combination, and so on based on your liking.
  • Budget – Suits every pocket! Yes, add what fits in your budget or remove that stands heavy on the pocket. Weigh your choices in terms of expenses and make the correct choice that fits your pocket.

The benefits of customization are endless and so are the choices for fabrics. There are many different fabrics available for customization of car seat cover. Let’s have a look at those topping the list –

  • Neoprene – Neoprene is durable, comfortable, heat resistant, and waterproof fabric. Genuine quality neoprene is usually found in wet suits due to the cushioning and water resistance it offers. These seat covers are non-flammable and can effectively withstand friction.
  • Neosupreme – Neosupreme offers most of the advantages offered by pure neoprene covers, but at little lower price! This fabric is a blend of neotex and polyester. It is not as cushiony as neoprene but the covers are made with a special padding to add extra cushion. Those indulging in water sports on regular basis and handling seat cover very roughly may find neoprene a better option due to almost negligible wear and tear, whereas those looking for the features of neoprene in limited budget may find neosupreme a better option.
  • Real Leather – Real leather seat covers are sheer luxury but at the same time call for lot of maintenance. This is a natural product and hence can develop cracks and peeling if not cared well. Those ready to care well for their car seat covers can opt for these covers offering luxurious touch, pleasant fragrance, and instant lift to interiors.
  • Faux Leather – This is the fabric that is inspired from goodness of leather but developed to nullify the drawbacks of leather. It is easy to clean, looks almost like leather, durable, and affordable.
  • Tweed – It belongs to the family of textured woolen fabrics and is made by using poly-cotton blend. It is soft, durable, and moisture absorbing material. It comes in different colors woven from wool and cotton blends.
  • Velour – This fabric gives the look of velvet with ultra-soft feel and cushioning. This fabric is durable and easy to clean if stains are cleaned immediately. It gives a touch of luxury to the interiors.

Custom seat covers can be designed in any of the above fabrics as per the individual design requirements. Find the custom car seat cover specialist and give your car interiors an instant makeover.

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