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Nowadays, the deteriorating climate and work-site productivity demand extensive use of climate control technologies. At a time when human development has contributed to planetary climate change...
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A right temperature range is one of the most important factors responsible for life on earth. While most animals are perfectly suited for their different environments, thanks to evolution, humans are the only animals that live in environs to which they are not biologically suited. This has meant that to survive man has had to devise alternatives to compensate for climatic extremes. Thus, where the temperature is too cold, heating or warm clothing is required; where temperature is hot, cooling and light clothing is required. Climate control has been mostly done with the help of suitable clothes, fire, circulation of air, shading, evaporation of water or other fluids, and other long term techniques like planting of trees, landscaping, etc. The greenhouse effect is used to trap heat in cold areas for both plantation and human habitations.

Climate control is not new, but the use of sophisticated technology for this purpose is rather new. Sometimes referred to by the acronym HVAC (for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), climate control incorporates not only the use of electrical gadgets like mechanical fan, air conditioner, heater, air circulator and air ducts, etc, but also clever designing to facilitate natural ventilation, cooling or heating. The capture of sunlight and air is crucial to all climate control more sunlight and less air gives higher temperature, and vice versa.

Nowadays, the deteriorating climate and work-site productivity demand extensive use of climate control technologies. At a time when human development has contributed to planetary climate change, climate control is a micro-level human effort to compensate for the damage within our habitats. Increasing affluence and power supply, as well as decreasing price of technology has meant that climate control is within the reach of most of us.

This section of 01webdirectory tells you about what could be done to tame the climate so as to provide a little respite, and provides you with a list of resources where you may procure your climatic salvation.


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