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The Unsung Hero of Manufacturing & Construction – Material Handling

For the uninitiated, it might sound quizzical why the Great Wall of China or the great Egyptian Pyramids should be considered among Seven Wonders of the World, while Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, doesn’t hold that exalted status. Or, why do we marvel at the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, which is even a part of academics, while the intricate network of modern infrastructure at the Big Apple gets a passing mention? While the question, at the outset, is fairly simple, the answer is not.

Among different reasons one can give as answer, if one fact stands out, it is Material Handling. Ah so mundane, material handling has made our life so easy that what we build using its assistance, gets passed off as not so great. Mobilization of men and materials many centuries ago, when the concept of material handing as a field of engineering wasn’t even conceived, makes what was created then a wonder. Knowing how much material would have been required to be mobilized to build a Great Wall of China or an Egyptian Pyramid, and the fact that it was done many centuries ago, makes them deserve their position among greatest wonders of the world.

Material Handling primarily deals with the movement, storage and protection of materials and products throughout the process of construction or manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. There are many types of equipment that are used to achieve these tasks and they are called material handling equipment.

Material handling equipment are classified under different heads, depending on the tasks they perform. Material transportation equipment are used to move materials from one place to another, such as cranes, industrial trucks, haulers, conveyer belts, lifts, etc. Depending on the size, shape and weight of materials to be moved, appropriate equipment is used. Material positioning equipment are used to place materials in their designated place, in appropriate orientation as required. It makes light of the work where precision in placement is required, when the materials are too heavy or it might be dangerous to handle them manually. Examples are hoists, balancers, dock levelers, manipulators, industrial robots etc.

Unit load formation equipment are used to restrict movement and maintain their integrity while handling them, such as transporting or storing them. Pallets, cartons, crates, bulk load containers, tote pans, skids, tape & glue, shrink-wrap, bags, bins, baskets, racks are all used to achieve this purpose. Storage equipment are used for holding materials for a specified time period until they are needed. The major types of storage equipment are pallet racks, stacking frame, storage carousels, mezzanines, shelves, bins, drawers, sliding racks, etc.

Custom Equipment Manufacturers distribute and supply brand name material handling products throughout North America. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Custom Equipment Manufacturers supply Bins, Containers, Custom Packaging, Interior Dunnage, Pro-Line Workstations, Buckhorn Plastic Bulk Containers, Bishamon and Presto Lifting Equipment, Metro Shelving, Mezzanines, Husky Pallet Racking, Plastic Pallets, Custom Thermoforming, WireCrafters Wire Fencing, Shelving, Storage Cabinets and more. Custom Equipment Manufacturers has been offering material handling solutions since 1978.

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