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Online Coupons Where Both Retailers and Customers Are The Winners

Till a while back, the web was simply a concept and the very idea of disseminating coupons online was a 'thought' off somebody's mind. However, online marketers swiftly latched on to the Internet as an effective, easy marketing tool and as Internet coupons have become the daily norm, the rest they say is history.

The online couponing industry has seen exceptional and remarkable growth in the past decade due to a blend of different factors, one of which was the economic recession that hit the United States. In addition, other factors including an enhanced consumer interest in mobile technology and devices also let to the rise of couponing from 2008 to the current day.

In current times, based on a report conducted by NPD Online Research, over one third of Internet consumers utilise online coupons. Further indications from these consumers have revealed that the popularity and use of Internet coupons will only continue to rise higher.

The advantages that “online contacts” have and continue to offer coupon companies are immense. To begin with, online couponing permits better and wider brand promotion while allowing extensive dissemination; furthermore, it also enables organisations to better reach out and pursue consumer predilections and practices. Exact analytics enables organisations to “assess online dissemination of coupons by trailing the printing of web pages and examining number of page views;” considered to be a vital advantage in the digital space.

Further analytics, also revealed that the consumer base comprising the online digital space is 'young, married with disposable income'. A large number of online coupon companies have used this information to their advantage and have created strategies to specifically target this particular demographic, thus contributing a social reputation to digital couponing. One of the most popular tools used by marketers and lapped up by consumers is the trend of “Daily Deals” that is extremely popular with increasing number of companies employing their own interpretation of the trend.

What needs to be seen is, how fast and how far the online couponing industry will grow, how big it is slated to become and what new techniques of coupon dissemination are likely to evolve. At the moment, there are newer methods of developing online coupon distribution currently under way.

Online coupons are extremely capable, competent and flexible at alluring new consumers. Increasingly, they are also attracting a new demographic known as digital natives and millennials who find greater recourse to buying online rather than physical purchase. The online coupon industry not only provides enhanced personalisation but also protects consumers against fraud, while providing ease of use and better convenience in addition to greater opportunities for socialisation.

The potential for both marketers and consumers in the digital coupon industry is tremendous and mostly a win-win situation. Consumers get a seamless way of saving money on the goods that they look forward to purchase while marketers receive enhanced targeting and improved efficiency with digital coupons.

As newer entrants continue to influx the market, competition is likely to intensify and persist further. However, improved Internet penetration, proliferation of smart phones and low-cost mobile devices and an increase in consumer awareness will further continue to spurt the growth of the online coupon industry as plenty of innovative techniques will further mould this space in the near future.

Getting a deeper understanding of the digital coupon landscape is a mammoth task, as the scenario is continuously changing with the launch of new technologies and ways of building, disseminating, promoting and redeeming digital coupons.

Apart from understanding what makes consumers tick, when it comes to digital coupons, marketers should also endeavour to grasp and comprehend consumer habits, so that they can reach their followers in newer and freshers ways that resonate the most.

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