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For the mind that is curious there can be no dearth of questions. Things around us always baffle us. How they work, how they move are not just the sources of amazement as kids but even as teens...
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Featured Sites
  • Featured Article Random History : Features history of many different subjects, ranging from the history of the bikini to the history of credit cards.
Site Listings
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Online : Provides complete text of Encyclopaedia Britannica with search capabilities, related links, and multimedia enhancements.
  • Fixed Reference : Static snapshots of the WikiPedia encyclopedia in English and French from the WikiPedia development site.
  • Free Fact Finder : Comprehensive encyclopedia dictionary powered by several resources.
  • How Stuff Works : Articles explain how hundreds of things work, from elements of the human body to space-age technology.
  • Indian Christianity : An encyclopedia of indian christianity with information and research assistance for topics dealing with India in particular and South Asia in general.
  • Reference for Business : Accessible reference source for entrepreneurs that demand practical information and can be applied to their business.
  • Unexplained Stuff : Contains articles on various mysterious phenomena. Topics are categorized into mediums, religious phenomena, secret societies, ghosts and phantoms and more.
  • Weird Space : Encyclopedia of fictional characters, groups, organizations, objects and terms from comics and other sources of fiction.
  • Wild Animals Online : An online encyclopedia of wild animals with a lot of facts and photos.
  • : Team of writers and editors dedicated to provide clear and concise answers to common questions.
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