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EZ Pool Products, Inc
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Enjoy the Joys of Swimming, Right in Your Own Backyard!

While it took a lot of time for man to emulate a bird, emulating a fish wasn’t all that difficult. Perhaps there isn’t any apt comparison to the joys of swimming. Besides, swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. It is an excellent way to relax and enjoy, while giving a full-body workout. What else can feel better on a warm summer day than going for a swim?

If we couldn’t fly like a bird, how are we then able to swim like a fish? Density of the human body is very similar to that of water. Water thus supports the body and less stress is placed on joints and bones. Swimming is often used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries and for those with disabilities. Swimming has been known since prehistoric times; the earliest record of swimming can be traced back to the Stone Age paintings, about 7,000 years ago! In fact, competitive swimming in Europe is believed to have started way back in the 1800’s.

Human beings follow several different styles of swimming. Breaststroke, side stroke and dog paddle are some of the most common strokes that people use in recreational swimming. Most people prefer a style that keeps their head out of the water and has an underwater arm recovery. Butterfly stroke, which makes use of out-of-water recovery with symmetry in body movements, is apt for rough water swimming.

Imagine having a swimming pool, right within the confines of one’s own backyard. Well, these days one need not drive down to the closest health center or pay enormous membership fees to enjoy a swim. There are a variety of portable pools available, which can be installed in one’s backyard. Recent years have seen a sharp incline in the demand for swimming pools, primarily due to the rising costs of building a traditional in-ground pool.

EZ Pool Products, Inc., a California based company, brings durable lap pools at a fraction of the cost of traditional above-ground pools, in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit individual needs. There are therapy pools that provide aquatherapy or warm-water pool therapy, consisting of an exercise program that is performed in the body of warm water. Aquatherapy is known to provide several benefits in recovering from a variety of medical conditions. This is because, while the body is submerged in water, the buoyancy assists in supporting the weight of the occupant. This in turn decreases the amount of pressure and reduces the stress placed on the body's joints. Event pools, as the name suggests, are pools specially designed for a particular event such as a water-based sporting event. There are also event pools for occasions such as baptism, stage productions, and photo shoots! EZ Pool Products also provides portable pools, called SwimMill™, where a person swims in a relatively small body of water, yet gains all the fitness benefits of swimming.

EZ Pool Products has been in the market for several years and has been providing quality pools for personal use. It also provides pool accessories such as pumps, filters, covers, as well as specialty items like lane markers, special colors and more. So if you can’t swim, having no access to a community swimming pool is no more an excuse!

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